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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The case of "andycat.com" (Harper's Globe)

Posted by Jason on harpersglobe.com

Hello all.

What you guys found was a work in progress/testing site for a future HG story wrinkle. Nothing was finalized, or ready for public consumption. Unfortunately, you can't hide everything online. As many of you noted, and as I would concur, EQAL would never use the death of a child to extend the storyline of one of our shows. That post was simply one of MANY ideas that were batted around and, in this particular case, batted down. It was up merely to show others in the company what we could and could not do.

This site will be a part of HarpersGlobe.com at some point, and it will be held in the utmost standards of taste. As all online properties of EQAL are.

Thank you for understanding.


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    And in case that Jason person is reading along, tell Mr. Li-Wei that his redirect isn't all that secret, either.

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