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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eye on Sara E R Fletcher

Photo: Kevin Connery

See more amazing fun pix of Sara: http://www.kevinconnery.com/photos/2007/final/0129_sara/

Sara E. R. Fletcher is the actress who plays Rachel in Redearth88. She was born and raised in Ohio, where she attended Ross High School. In 2004, she received a Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University-Bloomington, where she majored in theatre and minored in dance. She then went on to get a degree in American Sign Language Interpretation from Los Angeles Pierce College. She now lives in California with her husband, Brad, and their two dogs, one of whom played himself (Bucket) in the videos Crazy Bitch and Creepy Stalking 101.
Other acting jobs of Sara's include a part as Giselle Murton in the LiveNow.com video series, "Scatting with Giselle", produced by A$$ Wipers, Inc., the role of "Secret Girlfriend" on the mobile channel "Atomic Wedgie," and the chance to play herself on "Project V". She is also the host of the ReelzChannel TV show "Movie Mob".
Sara's background in online video and knowledge of lonelygirl15 helped secure her the role of Rachel. According to Glenn Rubenstein on his radio show, he was about to callback the top five actresses when he received Sara's tape. He was impressed by her resume and blown away by her audition (watch on youtube). At this point, Glenn says he cannot imagine anyone else in the role. "She is Rachel."
Other interests of Sara's include singing, modeling, jewelery making, dancing, theatre, ASL, sewing, hiking, backpacking, and coffee. She says she would like to meet Kermit the Frog and the people who invented the words "pundoner", "duddyfunk", and "pootlynotch".

Sara E R Fletcher on LPGpedia.

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  1. That picture is weird Joe, but also fascinating in a strange way.


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