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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LIVE BLOG: Hundreds of people have watched The Last so far - have you?

The Last have raised the bar for canon videos. ...tell us why *you* don't personally watch it, or why you love it.

http://www.lg15.com/thelast<== WATCH


  1. Because it's better than Season 3 or The Resistance, duh.

    The story actually makes sense, and the cast & crew are clearly enjoying what they're doing and putting their heart into it.

    Not to mention that they're actually around and taking part in the community, instead of just watching from afar.

    Basically, The Last is everything EQAL wants (pretends?) to be.

  2. Oh, did I mention the at least on-par acting and visually stunning videos?

    No matter if it's impressive sequences like the sundown/storm on the island, or the up-close and personal performance yesterday, The Last's videos are just WOW everytime.

  3. The puzzles have been good too. I think people have really enjoyed working together on them in IRC chat.

    The last video from Toni shows just how far this show has come and it just keeps on getting better as the cast and crew learn and adapt to the ever changing community needs.

  4. I <3 the Last. The editing is awesome, the story is believable, and the cast is amazing.

  5. I love this series so freakin' much! While it would be impossible to connect with all of the characters in such a short time span, I actually do care about the characters (with the exception of Jayde) as much as I do for all of the original characters. The acting is fantastic, (and even though I don't particularly like Jayde, I have to give props to Emily's mad acting skills ;) ) The character interactio is better than it has been for the later half of lg15 and the resistance, and is about the level of KateModern (which did the interaction well throughout too). The Last FTW!

  6. I started watching the series once it was demonstrated that it is actually a fan series. Seeing as EQAL has a track record of including "fake" fans in their previous stuff, I was skeptical; but I eventually came around.

    I enjoy the way that the Order has been portrayed in this series. It makes more sense to have the antagonists appear to be more proactive.

    The only stuff that is glaringly negative are those things which are intrinsic to the "LG15 Universe," i.e. Elder's Robes. Things you can't get rid of because they were written in before the fan series began.

  7. I'm a huge fan of The Last. It feels like the people actually creating it WANT to be making it. They came into this not expecting any monetary compensation and it shows in every thing they do: It is ALL done out of love.

    Also they're doing some thing KateModern did very right: It has one, individual, MAIN antagonist! The antagonist of KateModern wasn't The Order! It was Terrance! In The Last, The Last isn't the antagonist: It's Sibylla!

    I'm extremely pleased with how this is all turning out. I can't wait for more!

  8. For me it's simple, it's good. The original LG15 stopped being good after Bree left her room (just my opinion). This is what it should have been.

  9. I really am enjoying this show a lot. Was very very very impressed with the crying video the other day. I feel really sorry and horrible that I haven't been able to participate more! I switched jobs & my computer hates life sometimes. But I want to say that I do like the Last, love the labor of love put into it and hope I still get the opportunity to know those behind it even better.

  10. I think the Last's production qualit is fabulous. I think it's put together really well, and with the exception of a couple videos, the acting is great.
    The inter-character relationships are a little convoluded, and I have trouble keeping them all straight, but that's probably because they all came together so quickly, unlike original lg15.

    Honestly, the story has been a little dull for me, but that's just because I haven't been able to focus on, likw--anything lately. I still think the Last team is doing a fantastic job!! ^_^

  11. Thanks to everyone who has responded to this live blog. Hopefully we can all do what we can to draw more attention to this great show. The Last deserve it, so put on your creative hats and please do what you can to help spread the word.

    one by one


  12. i wasn't around to interact with the other series but i do really love the interaction this crew is giving on twitter/boards/chat/etc..
    the acting is better at times then i ever saw before!

  13. I enjoyed it before China blocked access to youtube over a month ago :( Since then i couldnt follow along, but i hope to catch up if YT ever returns.

  14. Thanks guys for all your positive feedback and support :-) Its really appreciated :-)
    Love from all the Lasties


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