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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The lonelycracker awards - HAVE YOU VOTED YET?

Posted by BronzeGolem:

The lonelycracker awards

The idea came to me that we should host our own awards, a golden globes kinda thing that honour those meepers that just rock our socks. If we do have a 2010 Meepers convention, we would have a real ceremony there, with real Oscars for the winners. So far our categories are:

The Lifetime Meeper Award
Best Meeper in a drama or sitcom ( which will get nominees has more TSIY grows)
Most diligent Meeper ( for those meepers who keep the board alive)
Most Random Meeper
Best New Meeper
Most likely to get first
Biggest firster
Best AMV
Best Video
Best Singer
Best commentator
Best avatar
Best theorist ( for those who make the best theories)
Best clairvoyant ( for those who's theories are always right)
Best I told you so
Doctor Phill award ( for those meepers who are great at listening to other meepers problems and provide advice)
Wisest Meeper
Best lurker
Best board killer
Most Likely to Be Canon (for those meepers that are so good at being in character you actually think they are canon)
The Bree's Eyebrows Award ( for those meepers that work in improving important parts of the community, such as updating the LGpedia)

This year obviously there can be no real ceremony, but I will posting a video on you tube on June 16 announcing this year winners.
So please add your comment suggesting more categories and who do you nominate for the existing ones.
The person with more nominations will win. Your vote counts, VOTE NOW

GO HERE TO VOTE: http://www.lg15.com/blog_entry/view/10625/704

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