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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Lonelycracker Awards

by BronzeGolem

Since Skye brought up The Lonelycracker Awards I would like to beg everyone who hasn't done so to vote here,


Please vote, if I don't see at least 50 votes I'm cancelling the awards.

Also there is another community project we have been neglecting, making LG15, The Musical. It's something many of us, maybe all, would like to see, and that I seriously doubt EQAL will ever make, so it's up to us. If we had everything ready on time the best thing would be to enter it as a submission to TSIY: Season 2.
The basic idea is to turn LG15 season 1 into a musical, so we are trying to make songs that follow the story of the first season, songs about bree, about the ceremony, about running away from home, about going after that trait+ girl friend of taylor, etc. And since most of us don't write music, the idea is to adapt the lyric of existing songs into LG15 songs, I for instance adapted Eternal Flame by The Bangles into That Trait+ Blood.
I can't write a full musical all by myself so I'm asking all of you to make songs too. If we all get on it, we WILL make it happen



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