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Saturday, May 16, 2009



Alot of you have asked me over the past couple of months why I come out with promotional videos for new series I plan to start and then never begin them. There is reason for this. i care about this community so much and have been a part of it (behind the curtain) for about 2 years now. It is not just that I come up with these great ideas, post a preview for it, and then give up. I wouldn't do that to you. It is much more difficult then you all think. Personal, if you will. But I do owe you some form of explanantion. Dharma Rhode, the new series I have just announced yesterday at http://www.youtube.com/dharmarhode is not just any new idea. It is 6 degrees (http://www.youtube.com/everyonesconnectedtv) just may way of reinventing the old storyline. I actually began writing Dharma Rhode around 4 years ago as a sort of experiment on my writing abilities. It was supposed to just be a 6 week test on how welll I could manage at creating believable characters in a unique environment who's lives became dramatically altered when each moved to a new city not known of before. And so, Dharma Rhode, as a city, was created. Since then, this series has become my baby, winning several prestigious writing awards throught both the state of California and my own hometown. What you see now is a part of that story. Think of it as Dharma Rhode: Blackout, the first of many ever changing storylines within this universe. December 21st, 2012. There is a secret as to why the world shut down that day. And an even bigger conspiracy as to why it started back up. Can you guess the mystery? Everyone's connected.

Subscribe to Dharma Rhode's youtube channel to find out more.


  1. Finally.

    An explanation.

    Count me in.

  2. My concern - this sounds suspiciously like the new show Flash Forward that is supposed to be on ABC's Schedule next year.

  3. I thought you were being genuine till you said you'd won "prestigious writing awards."

    Claims that like need backing up. Prove the awards or they don't exist in my mind.


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