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Friday, June 12, 2009

Alister Crowley Recording Kerrang Radio The night before

The night before. Kerrange radio Alister Crowley calling demons


  1. Let us hope that the spell will allow Eqal to create html links for LG15: The Last....

  2. A warning if your cautious of these type of things don't listen. The Night Before have had their emails chock full of complains for adn against playing this live.

    Also if your interested in the big show you can hear it Sunday to Thursday nights in the uk 10pm-1am.
    Or for those outside the uk you can download it as a pod cast on itunes after it airs

  3. There you go TDZane...... spoiling Aleisters plan to take over the World..........the dude just cannot get get a break....

  4. Everyone needs to play this at midnight with the switch to digital TV.


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