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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Between the Scenes: Neighborhood Watch @theHollywood - WatchWhoYouTrust

Production Blog: http://neighborhoodwatchwebseries.blogspot.com/
Filmed by: Jenni Powell
Music by: Jymm Thomas
Edited by: Amy Kregoski
Photos by: Sean Vincent Biggins
Featuring Cast and Crew

Neighborhood Watch @theHollywood


  1. We got an IMDB page and everything yo... :)


  2. Its like the Real World meets Sliver, but without a lesser known Baldwin.

  3. That's as good a way to describe it as any Mathias. There may be another genre in there too.

    BTW Jymm Thomas co-wrote the theme to "Angel." (I like to say that because it's cool.)

  4. Darling Violetta rocks, one of the last CD's I bought was Parlor. I should check to see if they've done anything new.


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