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Monday, June 8, 2009

Eqal teams up with Alicia Silverstone

New Networks Offer Alternative to TV Upfronts

"The Kind Life With Alicia Silverstone"

This new Eqal series might just make global warming and vegetarian topics seem fresh and hip again.



  1. You know, I have to give EQAL props for this. In just one week they went from someone who can cook in the kitchen to someone who can cook in the bedroom!

    *thumbs up and a wink*

  2. Hmm, so let's see:

    - Harper's Globe: Pays, has an audience
    - Paula Deen: Pays, has an audience
    - Alicia Silverstone: Pays, has an audience
    - LG15: Doesn't pay, barely has an audience left

    ...it would be nice if they just said it already instead of pretending they'll continue over and over again.

    Also, Alicia Silverstone for the boobs! Err, win! <_< >_>

  3. This is a good match since they are both clueless. :) (I know that was too easy)


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