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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eye on Maddison

In The relaunched series Maddison Atkins is a nineteen-year-old communications major in her freshman year at SFA. She lives with her father in Nacogdoches Texas, her mother having passed when she was still very young.

Maddison enjoys the local music scene, and seems to have acquired an "indie" persona. She works as a waitress in the local hotel The Fredonia, and seems to be very involved with her schooling, thinking grades to be extremely important. Her relationship with her father seems to vary, but the two seem to be close, even going out fishing from time to time.

Before school started Maddison was in a relationship with a local boy. The boy intended to move to New York City, and bring Maddison with him but when she decided to stay behind it caused a conflict. They broke up shortly thereafter.

In Maddison's video basics class she was assigned video projects with her classmate Adam Wilmott, the two borrowed a camera from their school and began work quickly. The same day she found a box of pigeons sitting atop her porch from an unknown sender delivered by the vet's office with a coded message sitting atop it.


From the chat today:

01:50 maddison ever since my mom past...things changed..he is just still broken hearted
01:51 maddison Emma
01:52 maddison I do..I was only 4
01:52 maddison so I just missed out on growing up with her
01:52 maddison yes I am. she was only 27..
01:54 maddison they think it was an epileptic attack...but she was so young..
01:54 maddison can we change the subject...sorry..its just my dad has been worried that I have it ,and we have gone through stuff..so ya- not a happy time in my life
01:55 maddison Ok back to releasing a pigeon
01:56 maddison yea they are crazy
01:56 maddison whenever I take them out they go flappy crazy
01:56 maddison true, i read that
01:56 maddison not my work!
01:58 maddison I do not feel comfortable arranging a meeting
01:58 maddison and how would I know where the pigeon went?
01:59 maddison so I would tie it on their leg?
01:59 maddison your move...
01:59 maddison hmm
02:00 maddison would they understand that...who do you all think it would get to?
02:02 maddison but i have had my spine checked before...just to make sure I do not have epilepsy like my Mom..
2:03 maddison The doctor says I am Ok..but I worry about it because ya know, my mom had it and if it is genetic that is scary
02:05 maddison I just got blood work the last week or so..
02:06 maddison I don't really understand the tests...but they took some blood
02:07 maddison My Dad, and the Doctor's office...
02:07 maddison Oh...I just know about nutrition :) lol.
02:08 maddison basic procedure Im guessing, I didn't ask, it makes me nervous enough
02:09 maddison I want to get back to this releasing pigeon thing-
02:10 maddison I think i shoud release one
02:10 maddison I'll just pick one?
02:10 maddison they all seem healthy
02:12 maddison We did name them!
02:12 maddison Mini Moon, Trotsky, Victoria, Lady GaGa, HTMLvis.!!!! Sorry I have not told you yet
02:13 maddison well..i do not wanna put an address or my name or anything, but they obviously know who I am
02:14 maddison I like the Your move thing
02:14 maddison but I think there needs to be more...agreed?
02:16 maddison do I need to sign the note?
02:17 maddison Can i appoint one of you to encode ? or two
02:20 maddison I think we should use coding that they have used already...yes hallows
02:22 maddison Ok i'm getting confused- so morse or T9?
02:25 maddison Im not sure how to do all of thses- but I think we should decide on morse, t9, or potia??? ( i dont even know what that is)
02:25 maddison not to be bossy...but if we decide this, do u think I should launch a pigeon this week

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