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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finding the Maddison Atkins Drop....

The drop has yet to be retrieved but QtheC posted:

These sites look like good possibilities (circled the ones that look most promising from the satellite view)


Lyriclyinclined said:
Good news everybody! I have talked to Patrick and we are a GO for the drop. Our runner will be a girl named Jenn, she has a camera and knows the area! Patrick has confirmed with her and she is excited to help us out! Patrick will be the handler during the drop and I will be the anchor. I do have some bad news though, unfortunately due to weather conditions today the pickup wont be able to happen until tomorrow morning, the tentative time as of right now is about 8 am pacific. We need to work on narrowing down the drop area, from what I understand union road 507 is a big area. Jenn has been instructed to photograph the area, the drop site and the drop itself before and after moving anything. When she picks up the drop she will take it to a safe location and photograph the item from all angles before opening as well as giving a description to Patrick as it happens. After the item has been opened she will send either Patrick or I any info gained from the item as well as photo documentation. We can decide then what we would like her to do with said item. That is all the info I have for now so lets get to work on trying to narrow down that location a bit!

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