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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello Maddison - lyriclyinclined6


We got your message in the description adam, it would have been awful if it had gotten lost! I am sure someone as resourceful as you could have found another way to get it to us though! Hope you enjoy this video!

maddisonatkins said:
Wow...I do not even know where to start. This was wonderful to watch..and I even teared up a little...DoN'T LaUgH! ha, but this is really special...you guys are LEGIT people it looks like... And I know you are not basement dwellers..lol. I would just like to say thank you for the introduction and the acceptance...and I'm sorry I have been hesitant..but I hope you understand. Thank you Lyriclyinclined6 for this very sweet video.

lyriclyinclined6 reply:
I'm glad you liked it :D I keep trying to think of things to say but I'm actually just kind of stunned you liked it this much *blushes* everyone in the community is really awesome and totally legit. no sketches lol. you are MORE than welcome maddison.

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