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Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Maddison (Maddison Atkins)

I hope you weren't late for work tonight Maddison. I know it's weird coming up to the studio, but I think it looks great.

To everybody who made videos. That was cool. Mason's was my favorite!


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  1. ...PLEASE let this spark another 'Is Mason Canon' debate!!

  2. we need to create a new word for people like mason, jennipowell, and marlasinger, who at any time could be canon, non-canon, semi-canon, maybe-canon, or canon non-cannon.

  3. "coopsters?"

    "the flock?" (stolen from immortal1)


  4. how about 'gamejackers'? :P

  5. I iz in your canon, jackin your gamez.


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