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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"LG15: Exile" Chapter 1 Preview

1. Continuum (Lindsay Shaw)
Begins with static that changes into a clip of a helicopter flying above the ground. Static to a news conference, where the president of the United States announces a newly planned partnership with the Hymn of One while continuosly cutting back and forth to various clips of past LG15 characters fighting with the Order. The president ends the meeting with his hands in the air grasped around a Hymn of One official "We Are in this Together". The screen goes black with a beep. A pause sign is shown at the upper right hand corner of the screen 3 times until finally changing to a play sign, where static changes to Lindsay taking her hand off of the camera. She is laying on a couch against a white wall. The screen is noticeably tinted blue. Lindsay introduces herself to everyone online and explains where she came from. She was a previous member of the Order. An agent, if you will, who was hired to commemerate alliances between their several fronts and companies around the world in order to recruit new members. She also played a part in helping to locate trait positive girls around the world and match them with the correct elder. However, she recently left the Order after realizing their true intentions. When she was a child, her parents were killed in a horrible fire (cut to a clip of a young family desperately trying to flee their burning house while hearing the sound of a female child screaming), and she was found by the Hymn of One where she was raised until the age of 18. That is when the nightmares began. Lindsay continued having recurring nightmares of murdering teenaged trait positive girls around the world, and was soon asked to become apart of the Order. "The Chosen One", as she was referred to. However now everything has changed. The new Resistance has failed in their overall mission to find the cure because that is never what this fight was about. "I'm taking matters into my own hands. We will no longer fight the order. We will destroy the Order. And it begins... now!"


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