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Monday, June 1, 2009

LG15: EXILE (TSIY Season 2)

LG15 Community... I need your help! I have an amazing idea for LG15: The Show Is Yours Season 2 but it can't be done without you! First off, I am very proud of all of you for coming up with such a great idea as LG15: The Musical, however I do not believe in my heart that this is the way the LG15 Universe is meant to go! In the early days of LG15 (lonelygirl15 season 1), we, as the fans, were intrigued by the mystery behind Bree's religion and the overall darker storylines of the series. Since then, LG15 has blackened out from the horror genre, shying away from what made it truly great in the first place. It has almost become a comedy, if you will. Instead, I wish to reinvent the LG15 Universe by tying up several major plot holes from the beginning while also introducing you to what may very well be the next generation of this pioneering serial. LG15: Exile.

Welcome to Adak Island. The premise of the show revolves around the world's knowledge of the Order beginning to spread due to the deaths of two FBI agents (Agent Whitcomb and Agent Alianaziano). A woman who had previously been a member of the Order under Lucy's wing travels back to a forshadowed location in the world, Adak Island, in order to document their true intentions and expose their identities to us all. While on the island, she desperately tries to uncover the mystery behind a highly classified project the elders have recently announced. Project: Exile. However, sometimes the truth can tear those who fortell it apart. And that's exactly what the Order plans to do.

Expect to see the return of several forgotten plot holes filled and unanswered questions about the origins of the order finally answered in this intensely dramatic installment of the LG15: Universe when the pilot premieres.

We will begin shooting the pilot for the series at the end of June and expect the premiere early next month. You won't want to miss out. Character interactions including multiple live chats, weekly puzzles, and daily blog posts are to be included. Please vote and keep an open mind. The future of the LG15 Universe is in your hands. And it begins now.


  1. Not sure how you can fill old plot holes without the original cast.

  2. Brought to you by the guy who has started six series and followed through on zero. You may also know him as the one who takes credit for others' posts and/or ideas but doesn't take credit when something he does looks semi-official.

  3. I just want to know the significance of the scar on Bree's back....

  4. So what your saying is, you are so proud of us for actually coming up with an idea, but you think its stupid.



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