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Friday, June 12, 2009

Lonelygirl15 creators give up on original content

Now that the company has a track record and some funding, they are trading up to work with preestablished brand names rather than take the risk neccessary to develop their own programming from scratch.


See related stories: and statement by Greg Goodfried.


  1. So, no new LonelyGirl15, eh?

    Kinda depressing to hear that, but I guess it's not unexpected.

  2. Well make sure you read Greg's statement.

  3. Maybe Bree should appear on Paula's cooking show.

  4. i can't believe the nerve of all these journalists to say the exact thing i was saying!!!

  5. We should go tell them to fix all their stories...clearly the world is wrong and EQAL is right.
    Morons. Taking the facts and extrapolating from them! *shakes his head*

  6. I think Paula Dean is Bree. While the process of extracting ribozymes from trait positive girls keeps elders alive and young. It rapidly ages the trait positive girls.

  7. That makes total sense Joe. But can the 436 reverse the ageing effect?

  8. Not completely, she'll still look a few years older than when she died.


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