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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Worldfiles Website

Worldfiles has a new Ning site up!! It looks great! Go join!


  1. What does this mean for The Coalition?

  2. Nothing. Worldfiles is part of the Coalition. However, the Coalition website is a bit overloaded, so we've decided to delocalize some of the content. Having a dedicated website for Worldfiles allows for more flexibility. The CoalitionTV will stay the main hub for all Coalition series. All is fine in the Coalition universe. ;)

  3. OK, so there will be discussion of the videos on both sites......right? But this site will just include Worldfiles content.....right?

    One nice thing about Ning is their use of RSS. I also like the chat feature for discussions within the Ning. It makes a nice addition to IRC chat when available.

  4. There will be discussions wherever the players feel like having a discussion, Worldfiles, tC, Youtube, IRC chat, emails.... We're just offering tools for you to enjoy and play with. Ultimately it's yours to decide which one you prefer.

  5. Look for more websites, blogsites and general chaos across the interwebz in the coming months. As some old things fade away, new things will be popping up. The universe is expanding and everyone is invited.

    If you've got a story to tell, drop us a note, we'll help you get it started.

  6. :):):)

    we thrive on chaos.....

    Bring it...

  7. Great job, Impulse.


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