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Friday, June 12, 2009

"No More Lonelygirl Encores:" The Official Death of LG15?

Web Video Producers Anxious at OnfrontNYC Confab (AdWeekMedia, June 10, 2009)

"Goodfried said that EQAL has focused its business on building and managing social experiences for existing properties, such as CBS’ current series Harper’s Island. The company is not planning any lonelygirl encores."

I realize the title of this post (ETA: now amended - I originally called it "the official death of the lg15 franchise" with the following caveats...) may invoke some drama, even though many people already realized it awhile ago. Greg Goodfried was honest with fans in the chat held a few months ago about the prospect of a Season 2 of the Resistance. As the article lays out, with some astute and insightful comments from Greg, making a viable online series is quite difficult. And, I would note, that's the case even when your website does not have ridiculous flaws. For every example like "The Guild" there are literally hundreds of unprofitable webseries projects (though "unprofitable" does not mean "failure" by any means). Its not that EQAL didn't want lg15 to continue on forever, and get Jonas down from that damn ceiling, or that they still wouldn't want to revive lg15 if they can in the future. But reality is reality. (The article says nothing to suggest that EQAL won't plan to continue The Show Is Yours series, or the Japanese lg15 franchised spinoff.)

UPDATED: See Response From Greg "Reports of our "death" have been greatly exaggerated... for the honest truth check out": LG15 Update

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  1. Whatever happened to the Italian LG15?

  2. LG died when Lonely Girl died.

  3. Please check the post I made on inside LG15 and repost it here. thanks

  4. The article was taken out of context. He asked me if we are doing brand new online projects "like" lonelygirl15 and I said not in the immediate future. We are definitely keeping the franchise alive both with TSIY and international licensing. Please change the title of this post as it is not accurate.


  5. jeebus - i knew SOMEONE would quibble with my word choice of franchise (since I meant it loosely -- because i cited the international shows in the text), but i didn't think it would be Greg himself.

    original title was: "The Official Death of the LG15 Franchise"

    new title "No More Lonelygirl Encores:" The Official Death of LG15?

    I don't think the article was unclear, really.

  6. I see sensationalistic and subjective headlines are still alive and well on LG15 Today, and it's not just MM. It's hard for anyone to believe "The Official Death..." could be taken loosely.

  7. anon - what kind of cool aid are you drinking? The word I said I chose loosely was "franchise" -- not "official death".

    I chose "official death" carefully.

    I cited to a legitimate news article that says "The company is not planning any lonelygirl encores." EQAL has not produced any lg15 content in over 6 months, and has no plans to do so.

  8. tubemogul on Twitter:

    lonelygirl15 Studio EQAL Gives Up On Its Own Original Content (For Now): http://bit.ly/SpJsB

  9. as i alluded to in the orginal post - i applaud EQAL for being so frank about the realities of the situation.

    companies don't succeed by ignoring realities. they learn and adapt.

  10. Out of contex, maybe. We shall see in the coming months.

  11. The original story was also carried by Reuters.


    However it does say "(For Now)"

    ....but given the status of the economy we have no idea what that means exactly and Eqal does not even seem to be willing to fix a few links for LG15: The Last, despite the fact that Miles assured us that he would personally take charge of the project several months ago.

  12. From the Reuters article:

    "The weak ad market is forcing breakout online video studio EQAL out of the original content business, and into the arms of old-school media giants like *CBS*. EQAL is halting development and funding of its own standalone series, in favor of running the online video properties for existing brands like CBS’ Harpers Island (called Harper’s Globe) or Food Network icon Paula Deen (with a new property called Get Cookin’). "

  13. The article milo wrote doesn't seem misleading to me, the quote from Greg explicitly states no more lg15 encores. Now one can argue over semantics till the cows come home, but I don't think anyone considers a translation of past episodes in Japanese a continuation of the series.

    Furthermore, while the Lasties deserve a bucket full of kudos for doing a good job, The Last was not an EQAL produced show.

    Greg's comment was as milo said confirmation of what was already known... LG15 is dead.


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