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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OZGirl Season One DVD

The OZGirl Season One DVD is now available for purchase on the OZGirl website. The DVD includes, deleted scenes, behind the scenes features, bloopers, and two DVD commentaries.

OZGirl was selected to be part of the Independent Television Festival, which takes place in LA; therefore, they are attempting to sell 200 DVD's to finance their trip. The DVDs are AU$ 19.95 and are available here.



  1. "If I could have like an African child from Cambodia, I'd feel like I'd achieved something." I love Meegan.

    Seriously folks, if you haven't checked out OZ Girl what are you waiting for?

  2. Is it wrong to be the first person to comment on your own article?

    And if so, is it wrong to be the first two people to comment on your own article?

  3. I could save them a few bucks and just have them all bunk at my place. :)

  4. Sure you could, but one morning over breakfast you'd catch Sophie making googly eyes at Daroff and throw the lot out on the street in their bathrobes. :)

  5. Mathieas: yes, it is wrong. You seem to love yourself a little bit too much. Shame yourself! LOL :P

    I'm going to buy the dvd. First have to create a paypal account but this is a good reason for that.


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