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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OzGirl - The Story So Far

The following article contains OzGirl spoilers through the most recent episode.

The story begins with Sadie Brown, a buxom but naïve country girl making the move to the big city to pursue her dream of being a photographer. Prior to the big move, she meets a documentary group online, who decides to film her transition. (This serves as a clever way of explaining the cameras following her.) She moves in with her cousin, Megan, a former child star who volunteers to be Sadie’s guide to big city life. She quickly meets George an amiable barista who offers her a job and the two have instant chemistry. Unfortunately, the shy Sadie does not make her feelings known and when she invites George to a party, the eagle-eyed Megan spies the strapping young pump jockey and well what Megan wants, Megan gets… while Sadie watches.

A few days later, while serving up hot coffee and Tim Tams, Sadie is spotted by coffee house regular Tony, a douche of such epic proportions that even Spencer Pratt could rightfully look his nose down at him. Greasy Tony begins to hit on our lovely but lonely lass and in a clear sign of her naïveté, she agrees to go on a date with him to the drag races. Unfortunately, Tony’s idea of when the date should end differed from Sadie’s, and the scumbag from down under forced himself upon her. Fortunately, she was able to free herself from his greasy clutches. Traumatized by the experience, Sadie takes a break from the documentary while the camera men who were with her, look for another job.

When Sadie returns, we find that George has planned a surprise camping trip for Megan and slyly invites Sadie along. Sadie, the country girl, fairs much better then Megan, the mall rat, and Megan’s competitive streak and jealousy begin to surface, culminating with her throwing Sadie out of the house and into the waiting and eager arms of George. Megan is not happy! She confronts the two, throws a righteous fit, and storms off, probably contemplating how to boil his bunny.

This is a transitional point for Sadie, her eccentric friend Lisa comes to visit and the two decide to get an apartment together. Also, free of the clutches of Megan, George asks Sadie out on a proper date. Furthermore, during this time, Lisa and Sadie meet a gallery owner, Patrick, who is instantly stricken with the sparkling Sadie and desires for her to exhibit one of her photographs in his gallery. Days before showing her piece to the world, in a shocking twist, Megan appears on her doorstep asking to move in with Lisa and Sadie. It turns out that a bad economy even affects former child stars, and their parents who are footing the bill, so we learn Megan is broke and has no where else to turn.

At the exhibit, all is going well, until scumbag Tony makes a surprise appearance. George rushes to intercept him, but instead pauses to examine the floor tiles. The dashing young gallery owner intercedes and removes the rapscallion, while a starry-eyed Sadie looks on. It is at this moment that Sadie’s long lost mother appears, and over coffee the next day lays out her sob story before stating that she is moving to Spain and wishes for Sadie to accompany her.

Catch up on all of the discussion at Anchor Cove, including behind the scenes comments from the cast and crew. The season finale is this Thursday, one will not want to miss what happens next.


  1. Finale:

    New Zealand - 6:30pm (June 25th)

    Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) - 4:30pm (June 25th)

    East Coast USA - 2:30am (June 25th)

    West Coast USA - 11:30pm (June 24th)
    Only at http://ozgirl.tv

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