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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pigeon for Dinner (MaddisonAtkins)

Well... not really.

Maddison, your life is a really bad movie plot.

See ya tomorrow! I won't forget to pick you up this time.






  1. OK, I'm a little confused. Isn't she suppose to be dead? I'm guessing I missed a posting or something, someone please explain.

  2. joe - i think its basically a reboot or do over. you can forget the first season/game happened. maybe. maybe bree is still alive too under this theory.

  3. Hmmm. I don't think the outcome will be any different. Unless he came into some money recently and wants to spend it all on this.

    Since they have decided to keep the one thing that in my opinion made this dumber than anything that ever happened on LG15. Pigeons. I won't be watching. I'm sorry, it's just stupid. I might change my mind if Bree can somehow still be alive.

    Thanks Milowent

  4. "dumber than anything that ever happened on lg15" - is that even possible! daniel stuck in pipes? jonas being turned away by the front desk in his visionquest to track down carruthers? the samsara doctrine security?

    that being said, robtomorrow said on anchor cove: "I think I'm going to like the way the pigeons play into the story this time, I was troubled by the logic of a homing pigeon showing up on one's door step last time around."

  5. Joe, just watch it. It makes a lot more sense than LG15 and not watching it over something as silly as "it contain pigeons" is rather silly.
    It does seem Jeromy has got someone to back his series financially and so he has decided to a reboot of the series.

  6. I'm sorry, it's just stupid. There is no reason why anyone would use pigeons or keep pigeons found on their doorstep. It's a stupid plot device. Yes, more stupid than anything that happened on LG15.

    I'll keep an open mind and watch it. But if the same thing happens, I'm out.

  7. "Yes, more stupid than anything that happened on LG15."

    I disagree a lot of stupid things have happened on LG15.
    Their are plenty of reason why someone would keep pigeons found on their doorstop, for instance they may want to find it's owner or keep it as a pet. Pigeons can be a useful way of sending a message without worry of it being intercepted.


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