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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quarterlife is in crisis.

In spite of thousands of amazing and creative members from sixty countries, we do not have the traffic to survive as an ad-supported social network. Even with our minimal paid staff (only two!), due to hosting, rent, maintenance, and insurance costs, it still costs WAY more each year to run the site than we receive in ad revenues. We simply cannot continue any longer this way.

The only alternative left is to ask you, the members of the community, to help keep quarterlife alive, to keep those hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, paintings, poems, songs, blogs – and human connections – online for the world to see.

We are asking you to contribute a voluntary monthly subscription fee of $6.00 or – if quarterlife has truly been an important part of your life – $10.00, in order to help the site survive. We know this is a lot to ask, but we still have great plans for quarterlife – new functions, new content, new services we want to offer – and without our basic expenses covered we simply can’t afford to grow in these new areas. Be assured that if we cannot raise enough, and quarterlife has to close down, we will immediately stop collecting those fees. And if by some miracle we collect more than we need, we’ll lower or even eliminate the subscription fee. This is not about profit – it’s about survival.

quarterlife has always been first and foremost a community – and no more so than right now. We have put off making this request as long as we could, but the situation is dire. We need everyone who believes in the humane and creative quarterlife vision to do what he or she can to help the site weather this crisis. Don’t assume others will shoulder the burden. And please know that along with your subscription we want to know your thoughts – on how the site should grow and how it can best affect your life.

Thank you, thank you, for the incredible experience quarterlife has been so far. With your help I know it can continue.

Marshall Herskovitz, Founder

To Subscribe, please visit www.quarterlife.com

Discussion: http://www.quarterlife.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=44692


  1. That sure looks like Quarterlife's final footbullet to me.

  2. I'd support them if they were still making the show. I liked that show.

  3. Another guy who needs to get out of the way of his own ego. There are any number of possibilities he could merge or partner up with. How about acquiring some shows to feature on the site?

  4. He would like 6 bucks or 10 bucks a month for the site. (not sure why the choice).

    Here are some things you can get for 6 bucks a month:

    good porn

    Hell...I bet you could host your own drupal site for 6 bucks a month.

    A quick look at the message boards and there have been about 20 posts in the last week.

    I think they should go quietly into the night.

  5. Sorry, no. But I would pay $10 a month for new episodes of 2/8 Life. I loved that show.

  6. i agree that the proposal is ridiculous. its no different than if facebook asked you to pay $6 a month to be a "member." herskovitz can't really believe the q-life community is so uniquely precious (or dumb) to buy into this.

  7. Wow, you guys are harsh. "Voluntary" was the word.

  8. Oh, gee, I now have the option to PAY to put up with psuedo-artist trying to out "deeeeep" each other?


  9. well, its "voluntary" but if you don't do it, they are closing up the site.

  10. Would you rather they'd just shut down? *confused*

  11. It really looks like the site has been shut down for months. I think the audience/users already voted and they voted no.

    It is never good to see a site shutter but in this case, the community of users is so small it doesn't really justify the expenses.

    Much like the NBC show, not enough people are interested.


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