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Friday, June 5, 2009

Rocketboom Launches Talent Search

You must be at least this attractive to apply

Are you an attractive but non-threatening girl who resides in or is willing to relocate to New York or LA? Do your friends describe you as quirky, zany, or zonkers? Do you tell people you are a geek, despite being way too hot for such a label? Do you know how to read? If you answered yes to most of these questions, especially the one about being an attractive girl, then you might have what it takes to be the next host of Rocketboom! (exclamation point required by law whenever ending a sentence with boom!)

Rocketboom is looking for two new hosts for its daily 'news' show. Several weeks ago LG15Today reported on Joanne Colan's decision to leave Rocketboom and her subsequent replacement by Caitlin Hill; however, it appears that negotiations with Miss Hill have not gone smoothly. Therefore, in a bid to find a new permanent host or as a ploy to place pressure on the oh so adorable Hill, Rocketboom has launched an international search for two new hosts, one based in New York, the other broadcasting from Rocketboom's new studio in LA. Potential applicants can find further details here or at the above Craigslist ads.

According to the ad, the position pays $80,000 a year with a $10,000 dollar signing bonus and 3% ad revenue sharing. If you think you have what it takes to keep the attention of the average YouTube viewer for 3 minutes a day, then this could be a great opportunity.


  1. I only answered yes to one of the questions. Do you think I still have a chance?

  2. Unless it was the first one, then no, no you don't.

  3. O_o whats wrong with Caitlin?
    or is it just inconvenience on her part?

  4. According to the blog post, it says that they have had trouble reaching a deal with her company.

    My guess is the contest is a combination publicity stunt way to put pressure on her to come to an agreement. Although, it is possible they are actually using this to find a host.

  5. The ammount of snark in this post was astounding. A+ Snark.

    Any way, yeah, can't say I've ever really seen an episode of Rocketboom!...Am I missing any thing?

  6. mathieas could write for gawker; at least if gawker covered webseries. :-)

  7. Mathieas,
    I only answered yes to the last question. Dam, I really wanted that job.


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