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Monday, June 8, 2009

See Maddison? (MaddisonAtkins)


I was at work, so instead of working, I cut the footage I shot today so you could see how our video blogs would look. I think they are good. I had to cut out a million minutes of brainstorming, but there's a bunch of good stuff.

See you tomorrow in class. Quit freaking me out about the pigeons, I'll get you some food.





  1. See there was this Romulan named Nero and he went back in time...

  2. Why does anyone care about this anymore?

  3. because we do, asswipe.

  4. I have all the old Maddy videos downloaded, and I see that the acting is noticeably improved in this "reboot." Definite props to the actors in this video! =D

  5. Well, there's a good, solid, though-provoking reason, anon2.

  6. Allow me to explain why I'm excited, and I've been very open with how skeptical I am about this whole thing:

    This is a return to roots for a very, very well put-together web series, this time with higher production values all across the board but still keeping the same charm and interesting hook from the original, in a sense every thing The Resistance failed to do with it's target audience. By starting over from square one this allows the creative crew to play out a completely, 100% different story line that what we had previously.

    Now if Jeromy can be consistent this time? I think I found a new reason to love the internet again.

  7. Because, hey, if it doesn't work the first time, retreading the same exact ground is bound to work this time.

  8. This looks like its off to a strong start! Cool!

  9. just pointing this out....Maddison now has officially produced more content than EQAL concerning lg15 in the past 4-6 months.

  10. Who says it didn't work the first time? MA was incredibly popular the first time around Mr. Anon 4 or 5 or whatever number you are.
    Nor is this the exact same ground.
    Not that I'm not skeptical. J did drop the ball once already. Hopefully he has a better grip on it this time.

  11. Maddy is back! So good to see them again and the acting is much improved also. This is gonna be good!


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