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Friday, June 19, 2009

Web Series Writers: Mass. Studio Offering Up $10k For Script

Massachusetts-based web studio OurTVSpace is offering up $10,000 to a writer (or writing team) to develop a full 20-episode original web series as part of their New Media Fellow program. Entries for the program are being accepted through August 15th.



  1. I hope EQAL is paying attention. I'm sure TSIY can't compete with the cash but they are going to have to up the ante somehow. What they do have to offer is a more high profile level of exposure should they upload vids to the lonelygirl15 acct vs the lg15 acct. If it were me I'd elements of Take180 and Ag8's Purefold and introduce them into the concept as well.

    I'll have to read the TOS of this program. It seems too good to be true but it obviously has my attention.

  2. Eqal will certainly have to be clear this time about what they are bringing to the table. Many in the community have made it clear that The Last did not get the type of marketing support from Eqal that the community expected.

    It is up to the producers who want to enter TSIY-2 to ask the hard questions BEFORE the contest even begins. Let us start with a clear meeting of the minds as to what can be expected from Eqal and then people know what they are getting into.

    It is not enough to have a good show. You have to be in a position to market and support it.

  3. i am beginning to doubt that there is even going to be a TSIY 2.0 - it makes no sense for EQAL to delay the contest for so long, because we now have another guaranteed long period of no new content on lg15.com

  4. Maybe they are taking the time to do it right this time. Or maybe they are seeing what they can do to sweeten the pot. Or more likely they thought they could just remain status quo and now realize if they did that, their going to get some pretty amateur submissions. Who knows?


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