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Sunday, June 7, 2009

What do you think about Eqal using the CBS player on HarpersGlobe.com?

Eqal, Inc. has decided to use the CBS video player on HarpersGlobe.com and added preroll commercials. Some viewers are not happy about it. Others think it is the cost of doing business. What do you think about the player and the commercials?


Leave a comment below with your opinion.


  1. At least there is still a Youtube version.

  2. Well they need to generate ad revenue for it so I don't see why not.

  3. Miles Beckett has stated in the past that he hates pre-roll ads and would never use them on EQAL's videos. I guess this just makes broken promise number 234,343,481.

  4. Well you have to consider cost/benefit. It would depend on how many people stop watching because of it. Then again, people can still watch it on Youtube so, if that is their goal then it might help.

  5. You can't pay bills or feed your kids with happy thoughts. So throw in as many ads as needed. They should have had it on LG15 from the beginning.

  6. i assume viewcounts are hidden on the cbs embeds, so that's a plus for EQAL. i think they wanted to use a CBS embed from the very beginning, but guess what -- IT DIDN'T WORK! (i recall very early posts when the site was new to the effect that their original embed plan wasn't working, then youtube was used)

  7. I hate the ad's but its gotta be better than when they went to the Myspace player on LG15! At least this brings in revenue!


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