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Monday, July 6, 2009

....but who would fund HG? - Karim Zreik


See previous story: The Future of HarpersGlobe.com

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  1. Duh. This is exactly my point. Read my comment (and others) here. - Anon July 5, 2:35

  2. The site is already built. How much does it cost to just keep the existing content online like many fans expected when they contributed endless hours to building the user generated content?

  3. Just out of curiosity, but isn't this CBS's decision? I doubt they would have given EQAL power in controlling/owning any of the content.

  4. From Harpersglobe.com:

    This website and its contents TM & © 2009 CBS Interactive Inc. & EQAL. All Rights Reserved

    - so clearly EQAL shares copyright and hence would have a say in this.

    - Also the site runs on Eqal's server and Eqal's software.

    - Eqal, Inc must have entered into some sort of contract with CBS and are certainly accountable for the terms they agreed to in the contract.

    - Eqal has certainly given us the impression that they created Harpers Globe and received funding to do so from CBS

    - the web site and servers were funded via venture capital and not from CBS.....at least that is what Miles has implied.

  5. whatever happened to the girl $5 Million??

  6. mm:

    It was my assumption that they not only wanted to maintain the community, but also continue to generate new content for it as well.

    If so I could see the issue IF they don't have the CBS financial, or at least commercial backing. Heck they're not even willing to generate new content for their flagship series at this time, why would they be willing to do so for this? Is the community that much larger?

    Regardless, just maintaining the existing content and allowing the community to remain shouldn't be a big financial issue. If anything it'd be akin to what has become of the original LG15 and KateModern ... just a link on the Equal homepage (and LG15 site if it were applicable) as somewhat of a portfolio piece. The community will die down, new viewers might watch the videos and parse through the comments, but that's about it.

  7. The fans seem to be interested in creating content and continuing the mythology as fan fiction in some way.

    I don't think it is realistic to expect Eqal, Inc. to produce HG-2 without funding or advertising and that probably lies outside the terms of the original contract.

    However, it does seem drastic just to take a community web site offline for no reason.....especialy one with an extensive fan created wiki.


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