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Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Cum tacent, clamant" gets flagged on YouTube

"LG15: The Last - Quietus - "Cum tacent, clamant"" has become the second LG15 video to have been flagged on YouTube.

LG15: The Last - Quietus - "Cum tacent, clamant" was flagged by the YouTube community. You have to be 18 or older to watch it now.

LG15: The Last - Quietus - "Cum tacent, clamant" on LGPedia.

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  1. Yes, you have to be 18 years old to view it, or have the ability to click a button.

  2. If the age on your account is below 18, you do not have a button, it will just simply not let you view it.

  3. Or lie about your age when you register.

  4. Honestly, this video SHOULD be flagged in my opinion. It's basically a torture video.

  5. Anon1 - That's what FH implied. He said "the age on your account" not "your age." KTHX.

  6. It SHOULD be flagged? lol.
    Not that it's right or wrong but there are a thousand plus torture vids on YT. You ever see the movie, Hostel? You can if you want. It's there..the whole thing...unflagged.
    Any 10 year old can watch it. There are others too. Lots and lots of graphic torture right there.

  7. Seriously? This was some of the faked effects ever on LG15. Better acting, but not great effects. 18 year olds get the privilege of watching Toni gets smeered with ketchup? Jealous!

    I saw before this, so don't really care.

  8. Actually I thought the effects were pretty good. The make-up for the bruises especially. I'm guessing that the blood was corn syrup and food coloring. Nobody uses ketchup.
    I think it sucks that this would get flagged for a little blood. There is so much worse out there that it seems rather petty to pick on these guys like that.
    Apo, being the self-appointed international baby-sitter and YT police should go flag happy on every other questionable video out there. To stop here is nothing more than selective harrassment.
    The Last needs our support. Go flag a booty-shaking preteen and leave these guys alone.

  9. I have supported the Last, and the show's producers know this.

    However, YouTube has a policy regarding questionable material. They review flagged videos, and take action based on their review. If there were no objectionable material in the video it would not have been age-restricted.

    So, CtrlAltDelete being the self-appointed international YouTube policy guru should continue to fight to have that policy overturned.

    I personally have no problem with The Last deciding to post a torture video depicting a character repeatedly cut while tied up in a basement, but they should have placed a disclaimer on it or age-restricted the video themselves.

  10. You personally have no problem with it? Flagging it is one thing. Spotlighting your deed in comments is another.
    I think you personally do have a problem with it or you wouldn't have bothered with either.

    The only problem I really have is individuals who take it upon themselves to judge what is and isn't appropriate for me or my child. It isn't your place to do that. You don't like it, don't let your kids watch it.
    I don't plan on crusading to overturn the policy board of You Tube any more than you plan on flagging every video you deem inappropriate.
    In fact, had you not announced your actions to the world, I could never have even addressed you by name.

  11. CtrlAltDelete, I left that comment on the video because I am willing to stand up and take criticism for my act.

    Again, YouTube decided the video was inappropriate enough to age-restrict. You are suggesting that you don't like their policies but that you have no intention of acting on it. That's your decision.

    I agree with you that it is not my place to decide what is or is not appropriate. So, instead of complaining here or at LG15, I just took my concern directly to YouTube. They in turn agreed that my concern was well founded enough to then act.

    Your problem is with them, not me.

  12. Apo, being willing to stand up and take the criticism doesn't mean you have to stand on a soap box to do it. You didn't do that for the criticism and we both know it.
    You did it because you have a personal problem with this video and you wanted the producers to be aware of it.
    No problem. Take the finger off the flag button and send them a message. No doubt they could have put a disclaimer up (which would surely attract more attention), but I don't think a disclaimer would have stopped you from flagging it at all.
    I don't disagree with the policy. If not for the boundaries the whole place would be full of smut by now and unfit for anybody but the lowliest of degenerates. But this isn't smut. This is barely even PG and it really doesn't matter because if someone wants to see it they will see it regardless of their age. All this does is spark their curiosity.
    I don't have a problem with you. You're just a word on my computer screen.
    I did see the action as rather petty and I stated my opinion on it. Had anyone else done it, I would still find it to be just as petty.

  13. Since you bring up your opinion that this video would receive a PG rating, I'll give my opinion on that as well.

    This video would have an R rating if the MPAA ratings system applied. Movies that depict torture are almost always rated R.

    You are instructing me to behave in a different way based on your misconception of the ratings system.

    To this instruction, I will simply reply "no."

    I will also suggest that you're not the boss of me now.

    Incidentally, the soap box thing doesn't apply here. I didn't even make a big deal about my involvement until you brought it up.

    I won't attempt to order you about as you have tried to with me, but I will suggest that you find some better use of your time. Perhaps you could research the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system and learn more about it. That way, whenever you compare something to it in the future, you will have your facts straight.

  14. Oh no you're angry. :-(
    Messaging the producers isn't an order, it's a suggestion for the future. Take it for what it's worth, and try to calm down. I don't now nor will I ever want to be the boss of you.

    An R rating would mean no one under 17 can be permitted without parent or legal guardian, is that right? I know a year isn't a big difference to old farts like us, but it is to a 17 year old. Even if this were rated by the MPAA, the 17 year old could still see it.
    I know, I know...it's YouTube's policy. Whatever.
    ...and how the heck can you berate me into researching facts when you use words like 'almost' as a qualifier anyway? I guess the 'almost' means that some torture movies are more graphic than others, is that right?
    I mean...the torture is the same. People are still hurt and screaming, but some show more of it...or it's a woman screaming instead of a man. That reminds me of that show 24. I know they aren't anymore rated by the MPAA than YouTube is, but man if they were...
    You should try to do away with that show. It's too violent. Of course, that's not an order. Just a suggestion.

  15. My understanding is that YouTube verifies videos that are flagged and makes the ultimate determination. Since you seem to like evidence to support assertions from YouTube: "When a video gets flagged as inappropriate, we review the video to determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines—flagged videos are not automatically taken down by the system. If it doesn't violate the YouTube Community Guidelines, no amount of flagging will change that and your video will stay on the site."

    For this very reason, your entire argument Mr. ThreeFingerSalute is moot. Apo is not responsible for the video being flagged, YouTube is responsible. If you disagree with YouTube's decision, I suggest contacting them and informing them of your reasons for disagreeing with their decision. Furthermore, for all you know more than one person might have hit the flag button. Singling out one person as the object of your scorn appears short-sighted and a little judgmental.

  16. ....I'm gonna guess it's not the blood...it's the 'cum'

  17. We've already covered this stuff, Mat. Consider reading before you comment.
    Anyway, of course Apo is responsible for the video being flagged. Apo flagged the video. Two plus two is four.
    Apo got singled out because Apo singled himself out.
    Four plus four is eight.
    ...and you're damn right I'm judgmental. We all are.

  18. Actually, CAD you didn't cover it, perhaps you should consider reading before commenting, then this whole thread could have been avoided. Apo mentioned it, but since it didn't fit into your template you simply breezed past it and continued your one person diatribe.

    Also, your arithmetic appears to be a tad faulty, which isn't surprising because the facts do not support your position. That's okay, you are hardly the first knee jerk reactionary to dismiss fact because it did not fit their version of reality.

    Once again, if you will look at what I so painstakingly quoted in my one single comment on this matter, YouTube is responsible for videos being flagged, one can click the button till the cows come home, but ultimately YouTube is responsible for flagging videos.

    If you do not like the fact that YouTube allows users to bring objectionable videos to its attention, I suggest you contact YouTube, or start your own video hosting site.

    Try to use your noggin' I promise it will only hurt for a little bit.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Wow, just another friendly discussion on the board. I personally was glad that the video was flagged, because I do let my 6-year-old daughter watch the LG15 videos, but usually after I screen them. This time I decided to watch it on youtube instead of the lg15.com site, which is fortunate, because I didn't screen it ahead of time. I was able to make a judgment call to turn down the volume and move her out of viewing distance in time to see that I preferred her to not watch it, and I summarized what happened in a more kid-friendly way. Now, if you are going to judge me and ask if I should even let my 6-year-old be privy to a more mature series, let me point out that there has been no nudity, and she sees me kiss her father, so she is aware of everything that has gone on so far without even coming close to ethical boundaries. She also has a very high aptitude for learning and knowledge, so she is very similar to a 10 or 11-year-old in emotional and educational maturity in addition to enjoying quite nerdy taste in video series. But she is not ready for a torture scene, and I actually hid my eyes a few times, myself. Now, I must thank Apo for flagging it, because it allowed me time to push the child away from the computer. THANKS!

  21. onychea, as much as I appreciate your thanks, it also goes to YouTube. They are the ones who age-restricted the video in time for you to realize that the material was inappropriate.

  22. Once again CND your logic is faulty. If one runs over someone's foot they are responsible for their actions; however, that is an incorrect analogy. The tire, in your analogy, is an unthinking instrument compelled to follow the direction of the hypothetical driver. The individuals at YouTube who decided to flag this video are reasoning beings capable of employing judgment and making decisions. In short, they are not a tire.

  23. Okay, forget the tire analogy. Blame the company who makes the tire. It's their fault.
    Look, Mat...you can't blame someone for your own actions period. That's childish.
    When someone can take responsibility for their own actions, then they're an adult.
    Your argument is thin. Blame YouTube because YouTube gives us the option to flag videos. How old are you anyway? 12?
    Onychia, I have no problems with people who take care of their own children. You're a good parent.

  24. How is it the tire company's fault that someone ran over someone's foot. You really aren't very good at analogies are you, which explains why your entire arguments continues to be predicated upon attacking the person rather than the validity of their statements.

    Also, I didn't realize we were blaming anyone. YouTube made the decision to flag a video, if you do not like that, tell them so, I really do not understand why you cannot grasp such a simple concept. The rest of your statements, while true on their face, adults take responsibility for their actions, are true but have nothing to do with the matter being discussed.

    You basically string together several statements of a true nature and somehow expect them to support your flawed argument. Your basic argument takes the form of water is wet, people have hair, therefore, I'm right in whatever I'm saying. That is silly.

  25. I'm trying to take you seriously. Really I am...
    But now it seems you're debating for the sake of a debate rather than touching on any valid points in regard to your own opinion.
    The bottom line is Apo flagged a video. I disagree with his reasoning for flagging said video.
    I feel that I am capable of making decisions for myself and my kids without his help. I don't feel the video was worthy of a flag...but since I'm not king of the world, there's nothing I can really do about that.
    I disagreed with his decision to credit himself for said flag. Again it's a free country. He can polish his halo for the public eye to see and again, nothing I can do.
    We discussed this.
    Then you came along saying how it's YouTube's fault that it got flagged, and I called bullshit.
    YouTube can't control someone's finger anymore than a tire company can control what their tires roll over.
    Then I mentioned responsibility and how you're blaming YouTube for Apo's actions when Apo has already accepted responsibility for his actions. And, that's about the entirety of this thread save a few snarky comments from anonymous.
    There ya go. I'm not writing it a third time.

    Incidentally... water isn't always wet and some people don't have hair. :-P


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