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Monday, July 6, 2009

The fate of Harper’s Globe

by Matt Seigel

"I’ve been reading the discussion over the past few days about the fate of HarpersGlobe.com, and wanted to quickly chime in with some insights for all of you. First, I’d truly like to thank each and every one of you for making this site and this community what it is. I came to this project almost a year ago, excited by the opportunity to tell a story, engage a community and inspire interactivity. I don’t think I ever anticipated the level of engagement, creativity, and discussion that has occurred over the past 16 weeks; it has been genuinely inspiring.

We all (cast, crew, the community, moderators, producers, etc.) have put a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears into building this project (both literally and figuratively). And our hope on the production end has always been to keep this site, this community, and this show alive for years to come. I personally have really enjoyed working with CBS and the production team behind “Harper’s Island” --everyone associated with this series has put their heart and soul into the production, and in this day and age, it’s fortunate to be able to see a series have the opportunity to air on network television in its entirety, from beginning to end. That being said, the TV series does not have a new season on the horizon. Although admittedly there is the awkward predicament of figuring out how the site would live outside of the TV series, we are currently in discussion with CBS to figure out how best to keep HarpersGlobe.com alive.

To reiterate, all of you are tremendously important and none of your time, work or relationships built on this community site have been in vein. Please bear with us while we figure out the strategy and answer to the “exact fate of Harper’s Globe.” Please know our goal at EQAL is to keep this site alive and keep this great community prospering."


Harpers Globe fans take their destiny into their own hands:


Future Home Of Harper's Underground

This site is currently in development. If you would like to get involved keeping the Harper's Universe alive, please contact me:

[email protected]

To Do List

Harper's Island/Globe content collection
- videos
- forum content
- wiki info
- forum - chat admin/mods
- fan fiction
- RP game/interactive
- Character fansites
- news, updates, interview/article collection on all aspects/characters of both shows
- show tshirts/bumper stickers/mugs, etc - Harpie Store
- Harpie Central development
----- social network, member profiles, etc.
- content acquisition & rights negotiations

LOTS to be done and possibly a very short time to get it going if the site is actually dismantled as intended.

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com


  1. "Please know our goal at EQAL is to keep this site alive and keep this great community prospering."

    - saying it is their "goal" is a long way from saying it is going to happen.

    - what is stopping Eqal, Inc. committing to keep the site alive?

  2. mm, i think the answer is $$. and copyright issues also, since CBS likely owns substantial rights to the content as part of their deal with EQAL.

  3. But Eqal, Inc. knew what they were getting into up front. Is Eqal trying to get more money out of CBS or is CBS trying to get money out of Eqal. Either way, it looks like there is trouble in paradise. Is this another "Bebo" or perhaps worse?

  4. How on earth did a web show based on a TV series that CLEARLY had a limited shelf-life (considering the whole point of it is to murder almost all of the cast by the end) ever think they would "be alive for years to come?"

    Just deal with the fact that they did the show for the paycheck and now they are done and moving on to "better" (if reality can be considered better) things.

  5. The show going on is one thing. We do not think anyone expected that. Taking a community web site offline is totally another. There is a level of trust involved in building a site with a wiki etc etc. If Eqal destroys that trust they will destroy their business model.

  6. www.altermyreality.com is a fan made site for All ARGS..come over support us..and tell us what u want on the site and in the forum!


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