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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The fate of Lonelygirl15 and KateModern?

For some time now the lonelygirl15 and KateModernweb sites have been missing. At first we assumed this was just a server issue but as time passes concern in the community has begun to rise. This has only been heightened by recent discussions concerning harpersglobe.com where Eqal, Inc. has been unable to give a firm commitment that they will keep that web site alive. What exactly is going on at Eqal?

mbeckett said...
We're looking into this now, thanks.


  1. They should at least keep it for historical reasons. LG15 started it all.

  2. i think i noticed that the sites were down on july 2, not sure how long before that it happened.


  4. Guys read the http://inside.lg15.com blog. It mentions the sites getting transferred to the new upgrades in July/August. That's probably what happened. CALM DOWN. There is NO need to panic people. And even if it's not up there can't they still be found on youtube? Please take a deep breathe, relax and lets get on with our summers :).

  5. It has been 130 days since Eqal, Inc. were informed about the broken links for LG15: The Last.

    Therefore, do not hold ur breath too long....it might be hazardous for your health.

  6. @milo, this is from my logs:
    Jun 24 02:45:43 <ParadoxAndPlaid> I really need to watch kate Modern but the site is down and the you tube page is so messy

    I did check after that, and the sites were indeed down. So it's been like that for at least a week longer.

    @efficientcreativity: I'm assuming you are talking about the post "LG15 Update".
    If so, I would love you to point out where exactly it says the upgrades are being done in "July/August" - because according to my browser, the only times "July" is mentioned is in the timestamps of two comments from a week ago. However, Greg clearly says "Either way we will be re-launching LG15.com on the new software to coincide with a new season of TSIY sometime in August/September." - emphasis mine.
    Not only that, but even if you didn't know what was going on, sentences like "Yes, we know the software is old and cranky. Unfortunately we made a variety of deep structural database changes when we created the new version of the software and launched Harper’s Globe [...]" should make it quite clear that Greg was talking about the EQALspace social network mega software, and not the homebrew Wordpress hack that was running lonelygirl15.com.

    Moreso, in the entire post, there is no talk about moving the lonelygirl archives to a completely new CMS. The talk was solely about moving the software lg15.com is running on to the versions running HG and Paula Deen, which, again, makes it quite clear which part of the software was meant - not lonelygirl15 or KM.

    So no, this is probably not what happened.
    (For technical reasons, too, but I'll spare you those.)

    Beyond that, the assumption alone that a Wordpress error that has existed for two weeks somehow conveys upgrading in the backend is unfounded. The very fact that we're still getting a Wordpress error on there is a very clear sign that Wordpress still executes at that address. One would think if there were developers working on that URL for 8 hours a day, they would've wiped Wordpress two weeks ago, or at least noticed the error and replaced it with a nice "Maintenance - BBS".

    2 weeks of Wordpress error are not a sign the software is being updated, especially since there were no plans to update that software in the first place.

    Of course, knowing the Cs, they'll read your post and happily take that as the excuse, when they, in fact, probably simply didn't notice.
    My guess is that KM and lonelygirl15 use the same database server and the daemon crashed. Something like that. Amusingly, due to the signature negligence of the issue by the Cs, the lonelygirl15 website is now the #1 Google hit for "Sorry folks, due to large traffic WordPress is having some issues".

    But hey...all publicity is good publicity, right?

  7. Sorry for the double-post, but I just noticed something in that Inside post:
    Greg said, and I quote, "Tyler and Patrick are looking into this today and by the end of next week we’ll know how much work it will take to upgrade the site." - this on June 12th.

    So, they should know since three weeks ago how much work it's gonna take to move the site, and how they're going to proceed - whether they can seamlessly move the site, or whether they have to resort to "some other option".

    But hey, why tell us? We're only the ones most affected by it...

  8. We're looking into this now, thanks.

  9. So, Miles...how long is the MySQL daemon going to be down until you decide to restart it? should we plan 4 months, or better 6?

    Because, clearly, "mysqld start" is more complicated than changing a hyperlink by several orders of magnitude.


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