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Saturday, July 18, 2009

LG15: The Last: v18 Link Fix (install it if you dare)

Reports of my membership in the Order have been greatly exaggerated.

Reports of v18's featureset, however, have been mostly accurate! See below for this time's list of changes, and remember to mention the script to newcomers or returners in the comments - many people are still waiting for Miles to fix the header link, unaware of The Script as an alternative.

v18 has been tested rigorously and no bugs are known as of the time of this posting; should you encounter one anyway or have a change/feature suggestion, please report it to me as directed below.


  • Deactivated title display in video embeds

  • Removed empty information boxes from profile pages

  • Last seen system now sets LS time on activation, clears it on deactivation

  • Added status notification for Last Seen system

  • Added handling for Quietus naming scheme

  • Added saving confirmation for nick changes in script options

  • Fixed bug causing redirect to "random" profiles after login

  • Improved social bar styling

  • Several other, minor bug fixes

  • Several other, minor cosmetic changes

  • Firefox only:

    • List of video replies to each episode (shoutout to milo)


Click here to download v18 from UserScripts.org

Please post feedback in the comments below or in the script discussion section.

For those new to it, here's a repetition of the installation steps:
  1. If you're among the few not using Firefox 3 yet, you can get it here.

  2. Install Greasemonkey from here.

  3. Install the Link Fix from here.

Should Greasemonkey not step in and ask to install the file, in Firefox's File menu, click Open File (hotkey Ctrl+O), browse to where you saved the file, and open it. You should see some code and a bar should appear, allowing you to install the script.

If you're running Safari, modelmotion has found this solution which allows you to run the script in Safari - according to the bot, it's running just fine!
You can deactivate the script at any time (right-click the monkey in the lower right corner, uncheck the Link Fix), deinstall the script, or deinstall Greasemonkey. In all three cases, the site will be back to normal as soon as you refresh.


  1. i am loving these fixes to the website, maybe the creators can hire you to maintain the lg15 websites seeing as they r showing us they cant give a rats arse about this community.
    great work, it keeps on improving with every update

  2. oh i gotta update with my shoutout and all. :-)


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