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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Maddison Atkins dead drop has been retrieved!


Posted by Reply by Warner Onstine

Hi all, not an active player but I picked up the DD this morning. For those interested it was under the Top of an Irrigation Control Valve (ICV) :P.

I don't have time to scan right now but I'll transcribe. It was in an envelope that was sealed and re-opened, addressed to THOMAS.
Top right is the number 4 (makes me think 1-3 are missing, that and the envelope being opened already).

Analyzing what's important and what isn't. The pigeons get released once I leave, I bet, so I know that it is futile to become attached to any of them them (I'm pretty sure it's them that's stricken out but I don't know why as it was rewritten to the right). Regardless Maddison's finally interacting with me.

To tell the truth, what I crave most here is bacon, cooked in a frying pan. We require everything to be cooked in a microwave. Exactly what happens to bacon in a microwave eclipses all other thoughts.

Should I be jealous that you only eat out for your meals? Maybe, but probably no. Do I need to be jealous of two me n eating out together? I hope not. Certainly. I satisfy you in ways your security cannot.

More than anything else I wish I had a staff of qualified nurses covering all my rounds while researching while maintaining lab work is more than enough for one person. I am tired, and my work is sketchy.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer, and everything here will be finished. I cannot wait to reach over and feel you sleeping next to me. Each day I long for that to come.



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