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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maddison was in IRC Chat

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A few highlights from chat:

02:50 Maddison I know! and yeah. me and adam are both in the advanced video class

02:53 Maddison k, well advanced video has the same video projects (including the viral etc) we just have to creat a Purple Pride or NacEdition and a test

02:54 Maddison purple pride is:
02:55 Maddison a program designed by the student to feature a school event/club/org. everything is done by the student ie interviews, B roll, set design, light design, etc
02:55 Maddison NacEdition is:
02:56 Maddison a program designed by the student to feature a LOCAL (that's where the Nac come from) like charity/org/person of importance then the rest as the same as the other one
02:56 Maddison basically making our own 30 min production

03:22 Maddison but then why not contact through the internet instead of pigeons? nternet would be faster don't you think?

03:23 Maddison i hate going to school being sick

03:32 Maddison school: sfa issn't even allowed to give info to your parents
03:32 Maddison doctor: don't know. isn't there a confidentially thingy?
03:32 Maddison aren't they supposed to follow that?
03:36 Maddison yes i was working at the fredonia when i got my spine tested
03:37 Maddison and i guess that is a logical assumption about the leak at my doctor's although i would hope that they wouldn't be like that. i mean, its' a doctor's office, not some corner health center
03:37 Maddison i didn't tell anyone about it

04:04 Maddison another spinal tap?
04:04 Maddison hell no!
04:04 Maddison it's hurts REALLY REALLY BAD. probably the most painful thing you can have done to you
04:05 Maddison it's not just the needles. it's the *pain*

04:15 Maddison it's only the second day of class. I have to develop this show over the course of the semester. The fredonia might work but I don't know if my proff will let me since I work there
04:15 Maddison i have to be careful what I choose because i can't change my mind

04:22 Maddison um, well, it was during a time where I was curious about mom, i knew how she died. I researched it and found that it could be hereditary
04:22 Maddison so i went to check myself out

04:29 Maddison i think it's funny that you guys talk about me while i'm gone

04:55 Maddison the bills are in my name

04:56 Maddison but then why are they sending me pigeons instead of emails?
04:58 Maddison so i should check my trash folder?

05:03 Maddison but i've seen them in the cafe since before my spine test

05:11 Maddison but they wouldn't give them that info bc it's private, right?

05:16 Server Maddison has left the room

1 comment:

  1. We would expect that it is important to figure out the right "LOCAL" ....... but who would that be?????


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