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Sunday, July 12, 2009

sorta limbo - maddisonatkins

I recorded this voice over for the video, but the music says it better than me.

But... here's what I was gonna say.

Hi. It's me. Sittin around. Doin nothing. Bored.
Everything is in a mild state of Limbo. In-between semesters, Maddison is sick, Emily is sick too, so to speak. with me.

I'm constantly in trouble at work for spending too much time on school and not enough time on work.

No word from whomever the pigeon people are. No idea what that is even about.

Kids in danger. Pigeons in coop. Maddison's spine.

Mystery abounds. Betwixt and between in everything.

Even my grades. .. up in the air. Well .. grade.. made an A in Video Basics, but I have an I in New Media.. an I! When I read that on MySFA, I was like whah? Apparently it wasnt a typo, Apparently I stands for incomplete.

Touché Life! Touché

I guess video blogs were only a small part of my grade.
I think my prof is throwing me a bone...or vicariously living through me. Choose your own adventure there

He is trying to get Maddison and me to do an independent study next summer session, which starts Monday mind you, to continue this online journey we are on, He says he'll give me an A in New Media if I show more effort with my other online social media accounts next session.

It's like an extension on a paper... or a ball for my chain.. Sucks. ..

Maddison got an A

No more YouTube Rage Posting. I took that little fight video down to..uh..perhaps bring some peace into my life again. At least try to

So.. here I am drinking a big can of Limbo. Sort of refreshing, but not so much at the same time. My thirst is kinda quenched, but Im still thirsty... for what? I dunno.

Probably for more limbo. Yum.


Music by The Mustn'ts "The Ship's Sailing Me"

1 comment:

  1. I love the realism here - when people post fight videos in haste, they often get taken down. GREAT way to let us see the drama without it seeming odd that they would post it online!


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