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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twiistup Preview - creator of LonelyGirl16 - Miles Beckett



  1. Actually what I find funny is that she says 15 a million times. You'd think someone would have caught it.

  2. If EQAL didn't produce the videos, why on Earth did Anthony Zeiker go with them? There are a plenty of other companies out there that have built way better social network platforms and are SIGNIFICANTLY better with communities than EQAL. What gives?

  3. Miles makes a lot of "interesting" hand movements when he talks. They remind me of those that my male gay friends make.

    I wonder if Miles is gay?

  4. i've never thought he was, not that its any of my business.

  5. Not really seeing what Miles' sexuality has to do with anything.

  6. Miles' interesting hand movements similer to those of Anonymous' male gay friends is a possible sign that Bree could still be alive.

  7. It's all so clear now, thanks Joe!


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