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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

v17 of the link fix brings twitter integration for character accounts to LG15: The Last

Since our beloved Creatoroos decided to re-activate the Twitter accounts right after v16 was released, here's v17 with integrated Lasties-Twitter-Stalking check function.

Also, there was a bug which may have prevented the Script Options from appearing. If you were unable to access them in v16, please try again in this version (Dashboard -> Script Options) and let me know if it works.
In addition, please remember that other users will not see a "Last seen:" time for you unless you specifically activate Last Seen broadcasting. You can do that either in the Script Options, or in the monkey menu (Monkey Menu -> User Script Commands -> Toggle "Last Seen").


  • Fixed Script Options

  • Prettified script variables section on profiles

  • Firefox only:

    • Ability to retrieve The Last's latest Twitter posts from the sidebar


Click here to download v17 from UserScripts.org

Please post feedback in the comments below or in the script discussion section.

For those new to it, here's a repetition of the installation steps:
  1. If you're among the few not using Firefox 3 yet, you can get it here.

  2. Install Greasemonkey from here.

  3. Install the Link Fix from here.

Should Greasemonkey not step in and ask to install the file, in Firefox's File menu, click Open File (hotkey Ctrl+O), browse to where you saved the file, and open it. You should see some code and a bar should appear, allowing you to install the script.

If you're running Safari, modelmotion has found this solution which allows you to run the script in Safari - according to the bot, it's running just fine!
You can deactivate the script at any time (right-click the monkey in the lower right corner, uncheck the Link Fix), deinstall the script, or deinstall Greasemonkey. In all three cases, the site will be back to normal as soon as you refresh.

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