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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adam Wilmott was in #Maddison chat (Maddison Atkins)

Adam Wilmott is in #Maddison chat

08:21 AdamwutwutBro I feel like we will finally get to the bottom of all this
08:22 Maddz Have you guys heard anything about the pigeon and GPS?
08:23 AdamwutwutBro well... yes actually
08:23 AdamwutwutBro but I can't talk about it
08:24 AdamwutwutBro we made a plan... and we are going to see what we see
08:25 AdamwutwutBro George is telling us we shouldn't keep all the videos we have up live....
08:26 AdamwutwutBro but he definitely shut the door on us talking about our plan
08:26 AdamwutwutBro yeah... he says it's a risk
08:26 AdamwutwutBro that's one intense old dude
08:30 AdamwutwutBro He is just piecing it all together
08:30 AdamwutwutBro it took a long time to explain it to him
08:31 AdamwutwutBro I mean.. it's complicated
08:31 AdamwutwutBro I dunno though.
08:31 AdamwutwutBro He said a lot too
08:31 AdamwutwutBro He is going to keep in contact with his friends on the force in case this all turns out to be legit.
08:32 AdamwutwutBro For now, I think he is skeptical about it being real
08:32 AdamwutwutBro I don't think he came across well in the video
08:32 AdamwutwutBro very serious
08:32 AdamwutwutBro but he was telling stories
08:32 AdamwutwutBro I talked with us for a long time
08:32 AdamwutwutBro He asked for us to turn the camera off...
08:33 AdamwutwutBro and then he let me turn it on a bit later when he understood it better
08:33 AdamwutwutBro I know
08:33 AdamwutwutBro we will see what we see soon
08:33 AdamwutwutBro yeah... it is
08:34 AdamwutwutBro like I said. George is skeptical it's a real threat
08:34 AdamwutwutBro but he's never heard of a prank so elaborate
08:34 AdamwutwutBro so he is treating it like it's real
08:34 AdamwutwutBro he needs proof though to bring the cops in.... so he's navigating that relationship with us
08:35 AdamwutwutBro I honestly don't feel like we are in any danger
08:35 AdamwutwutBro And Maddison was talking about packing a bag or something
08:35 AdamwutwutBro and I think that running would be the worse thing we could do
08:35 AdamwutwutBro sure
08:35 AdamwutwutBro but I gotta keep working
08:35 AdamwutwutBro and school
08:36 AdamwutwutBro I can't just quit doing what I do
08:36 AdamwutwutBro Maddison As well
08:36 AdamwutwutBro She doesn't say this a lot, but she has a lot of bills
08:36 AdamwutwutBro Car, House, stuff... school
08:37 AdamwutwutBro Her dad feels like he is making her strong by not helping too much financially
08:37 AdamwutwutBro I'm not that great an editor
08:37 AdamwutwutBro yeah... and people in the industry shy away from hiring students
08:38 AdamwutwutBro and none of the gear we've been using is mine
08:38 AdamwutwutBro oh... no - we just shoot in the area
08:39 AdamwutwutBro whaddya mean?
08:39 AdamwutwutBro notgordian... I don't really follow.. start from the beginning
08:40 AdamwutwutBro oh... no
08:40 AdamwutwutBro I'm getting paid 8 bucks an hour
08:40 AdamwutwutBro I'm the lowest person on the pole
08:40 AdamwutwutBro he is not/will not bend the rules for me
08:40 AdamwutwutBro I'm in trouble more than I'm in his good graces
08:41 AdamwutwutBro he keeps me around because I have spurts of productivity at a cut rate
08:41 AdamwutwutBro so... we have an understanding... but I have no sway
08:42 AdamwutwutBro hahaha
08:42 AdamwutwutBro it would take days to upload some of the footage I work with
08:42 AdamwutwutBro 14 Gig chuks
08:42 AdamwutwutBro I'm all for that
08:42 AdamwutwutBro I just don't think I am in any danger
08:42 AdamwutwutBro honestly... I'm just a wingman.. a side kick
08:43 AdamwutwutBro wait... that means I die first in the movies...
08:43 AdamwutwutBro shit
08:44 AdamwutwutBro I don't know
08:44 AdamwutwutBro we broke up
08:44 AdamwutwutBro wow that seems like forever ago
08:44 AdamwutwutBro I changed my facebook status and everything
08:44 AdamwutwutBro I thought you internet sleuths would have picked up on that
08:45 AdamwutwutBro I'm glad to be busy
08:45 AdamwutwutBro it would be harder if this was a normal summer
08:45 AdamwutwutBro ya know?
08:46 AdamwutwutBro YEAH MATTATTACK!!!!!!!!!!! BONZAI!!!!!!!!
08:46 AdamwutwutBro sorry
08:46 AdamwutwutBro it's hard to resist when your name is MATTATTACK!!!
08:46 AdamwutwutBro I read it in a Ringo accent
08:49 AdamwutwutBro or Farmtown
08:49 AdamwutwutBro but I know some people who play it
08:49 AdamwutwutBro what is D&D Tiny adventures
08:52 AdamwutwutBro you guys
08:52 AdamwutwutBro the Bronze?
08:52 AdamwutwutBro ummm... the Hotel is cool for music
08:53 AdamwutwutBro if you are a frat dude, you like Sportsshack or bullfrogs
08:53 AdamwutwutBro If you like bowling and RocknRoll you go to Headliners
08:53 AdamwutwutBro And if you sex up your cousin you go to Banita Creek hall
08:54 AdamwutwutBro so... I need a good D and D name
08:54 AdamwutwutBro Grendel
08:55 AdamwutwutBro I think i'm gonna be a... Dragonborn Fighter
08:55 AdamwutwutBro hahahaha
08:55 AdamwutwutBro You've got a friend in me
08:55 AdamwutwutBro FluffyDudeBro it is
08:56 AdamwutwutBro Hmmmmm
08:56 AdamwutwutBro I have points to assign
08:57 AdamwutwutBro I may be wrong notg
08:59 AdamwutwutBro I know... I think I like not existing
09:08 grace2_98 how are you, adam?
09:09 AdamwutwutBro I'm good
09:09 AdamwutwutBro uploading a video
09:09 AdamwutwutBro got a plan for stuff
09:09 AdamwutwutBro feeling fine!

09:22 notgordian and the censored part of the video?
09:22 AdamwutwutBro har har
09:22 AdamwutwutBro George wants us to keep it a secret... in case the vids are monitored
09:23 AdamwutwutBro he also wants us to take all the videos down.. not shoot video and stuff
09:23 AdamwutwutBro yeah... he comes across kinda intense in the vid
09:23 AdamwutwutBro like.. more than one george?
09:23 AdamwutwutBro I'll shoot video of what happens.. I promise

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