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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bring Back Lonelygirl15 Discussion board

Just for Fun - Fan Clubs

Posted by Betsy (creator)

I miss the simple days. The days of Bree, Daniel, Cassie, P Monkey, Thor, Owen and Aleister Crowley. I miss my friends at the forum and comment board. Let's Bring Back the Lonelygirl15 Forum!!



  1. While I'm all for ditching that crappy excuse for a forum for the real one, would it not be more efficient to rebel in plain sight?

    Like, post something here? Besiege Inside LG15? Flood Amanda's inbox? Take over Level26.com and make sure every posting user ends his post with "I WANT THE REAL LG15 FORUMS BACK!!"?

    Something that the Creators actually see and that has a detrimental effect on their business if they don't react? (i.e. gives them a reason to comply)

    As said, I'm all in support of that movement, I just think that a mere Facebook group is way too easy to ignore. If it wasn't linked here, most of us likely wouldn't even know it existed.
    More force is required.

    On a technical note, if you didn't guess, re-activating the old forum is pretty much as simple as flipping a switch. If they don't want to host it, any of us could do it themselves if they provide a database dump.

    iow, as usual, the only thing speaking against it is the Creators' vanity.
    Just in case there was any doubt about that.

  2. renegade, all good ideas, but i don't think betz wanted to incite a riot by founding the group. but let's spread the word as best we can.

    its already up to 47 members.

  3. Well, some of those people are facebook friends with the C's, so they will see it on their facebook profiles.

    I'd suggest that storming level26 with any posts about the LG15 forums is a particularly bad idea. It's like punishing Anthony Zuiker because he decided to do business with EQAL.

  4. I'm sure he'll be punished for that enough on the back end, and not in the good fun way.

    No one has suggested burning bras in protest... I'm disappointed.

  5. That's because we suggest no bras in the first place, Jaz ;)

    And milo and Apo, the thing is: The group can grow as much as it wants - even with 10,000 members, it has no influence on EQAL's business. Once this story is off the front page, it's as if it never existed in the Breeniverse.

    Launching operations that directly put the issue into EQAL's face and into the faces of current or potential future clients forces them to take action.

    Believe me that I'm not making such a suggestion lightly - there's a big potential for trouble there. But look back in history: Has quietly reporting bugs on lg15.com served anything? Has peacefully mentioning the broken header link over the course of months achieved anything? Has petitioning them to remove TJ Marsh from the community, despite the overwhelming support from all sides, yielded any results?

    The past has shown clearly that the Cs don't respond to peaceful requests from the community at large. The probability that this time will be different (especially considering the fact that re-opening the pre-Umbrella forum, just as they want to start selling Umbrella, sends a bad marketing message to potential customers), is very little. 47 people joining this quickly may be impressive (I didn't even know we still had 47! o_O), but ultimately, they are 47 people hidden far, far away from the Breeniverse, no danger to the Cs' bottom line. And that's the only thing they care about these days.

    imo, we have two options - become a threat to their PR or their money, or forget it.
    Politely asking is unlikely to accomplish anything.

    And Apo, I disagree - I did not think of the Level 26 thing as a coordinated posting attack. More of common signature. That is, you post as you normally would, but before submitting the post, attach the pro-forum message just like you would attach any other signature.
    It doesn't break the flow of conversation on L26, there's no attack, no additional load on the server, but still a strong, united statement in a public, EQAL-monitored, money-sensitive place.

    They can ignore Facebook, they can ignore LG15 Today, and they conveniently moderate posts on Inside - but they can't ignore activities on Level 26.

  6. Ren, your points are well-made.

    You've come to the same conclusion I have. The LG15 Forum will not be reopened. Betz's group was more of a "wishful thinking" kind of activity. She is fully aware that the chances are slim.

    But yesterday was her birthday, and encouraging folks was her birthday wish. She was feeling nostalgic.

    So, the facebook thing isn't designed to have any real impact on EQAL, it was just something to demonstrate the desire of the community.

    Again, I respect your opinion and your desire to throw some weight around. Not only would using sigs at level26 be punishing the wrong guy, but people signing up there for that purpose would inflate the number of fans and posts at the site. EQAL would just spin that as a win for them.

    I'm not doing that.

  7. Some things are just permanently 436ed. I don't see them bringing it back no matter how many people want it. But there's no reason why we can't ask for it anyway. You never know, the creators might be feeling generous today.

  8. That's the way I feel Joe, it can't hurt asking.

  9. It got me on IRC last night which I am thankful for. :)

  10. Belated Happy Birthday, Betz :)

    In all honesty, I don't believe the chances have to be slim if we just get our act together and show some force. It's not like the forum is gone - it's right there. All posts are still there, all users are still there, hell, I'm even logged in! And according to the last announcement by BK, PMing should still work fine as well. Just posting permissions have been revoked.

    All we have to do is force the Cs to flip back the switch to allow posting again. And I do believe, united, we have the necessary power to do that.

    We just have to be willing to act with the necessary force to prevent them from ignoring us again.
    Even if we're not using Level 26 as a base, we can still flood Inside, we can still flood their inboxes, we can still harvest and bombard EQAL e-mail addresses, we can still go on industry news sites and spread the news truth about Umbrella, etc., etc.

    All we have to achieve is that they a) acknowledge us, and b) flip a switch.
    Or, hell, just assign a new admin - I can guide him/her from there.

    Why settle for "it's just wishful thinking"?
    All you have to do is disrupt their business. The moment you get between them and their precious money, they'll gladly give us back the forum, just to get rid of us.

    I mean...what are they supposed to do? Threaten to stop making LG15?
    They have already taken away everything they could. We have nothing left to lose. Why stop at wishful thinking?

  11. Ren, if it were just Miles', Greg's and Amanda's livelihoods we were talking about here, I'd jump on board in a heartbeat.

    But think of little Jack having to go without because we disrupted business at EQAL.

    Think of the children, Ren. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

    Ok, seriously? I don't see any harm in mounting an e-mail campaign to try and persuade EQAL to reopen the forum. That's actually a good idea, Ren. I think the final decision probably rests with Miles Beckett.

    If you type it up (with some un-Renlike diplomacy,) I'll cut and paste it in an email to him. I'll also add it to the discussion at the new facebook group as well as add it to my profile there.

  12. There are so many that care about the original lg people and so many of them have the ability to build a forum that would support what you want. Why depend on people who don't really care anymore to provide something that they so obviously (in their silence) don't want to give? You guys are so able to make a better place for what you want. Why not do it and not be obligated to them?


  13. The original post also mentions the comments board as well as the necro:):):)

    Go comments!

  14. @Apo: What is this "diplomacy" you speak of? >_>

    In all seriousness, I'll try to come up with something that doesn't sound like "give us the forum or we'll cut your throat", but ultimately, it's hard to reason for the old forum without confronting them with the fact that they utterly failed at everything. x_x

    @anon: I think the best way to phrase it is: Because they're holding our history hostage. You are correct, we have the technical ability to set up new forums, and indeed have done so a long time ago - Anchor Cove exists, The 436's forums exist, Meepers United has forum functionality. But all of that is missing something vital, something essential: The history of this community itself.

    If you go to the old forums, you will not just find a random installation of phpBB which could replaced with any other. You will find 642394 posts which make up the first two years of this community. Six. Hundred. Thousand. Posts. First meetings. Friendships developing. Memes forming. Old friends, who've long left the community.

    The old forum is more than just a forum. It's an archive of the prime of this community. The textual legacy of lonelygirl15. It's home.

    It can't be replaced.

  15. Okay, I need someone to look over this. Basically, I need an editor xD

    I didn't threaten to hack him into pieces and feed him to the sharks...is that diplomatic enough, Apo? ;)

  16. I don't think it needed editing and I'd say the lack of death threats was generous of you, Ren.

    As promised, I sent a copy to [email protected] and I also posted at facebook encouraging the new group to do the same.

  17. No editing? Nice. ^^

    With mine sent too, that means at least two of those he got...it shall be interesting to see if we get acknowledged.


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