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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eqal Inc. launches Jack In A Onesie



  1. I am sure EQAL's investors will be pleased to know that Umbrella is powerful enough to power a toddler's website.

  2. Ya'll are so cynical, Jack is adorable. New mothers always go a little overboard, so what do you expect from a mother who spends a great deal of her time online.

    Besides, Jack has some insightful commentary and I think can bring a real diversity of thought to this community.

  3. Seriously?
    There's really NO need for a site on your baby.
    Most of us don't care about him anyway.
    And it's not like THEY DO.
    Because, they're using their own baby for profit.
    They already advertise themselves through his twitter page and facebook.
    It's pathetic.

  4. It's cute, but It's ridiculously corny and not clever at all.

  5. I think it is an adorable website!

  6. Can the C's possibly get any more narcissistic than this?

    Poor Jack - he doesn't even own the rights to his own public image. He needs representation.

  7. How can you not like a cute baby in a onesie. Whats wrong with you people.

  8. To all the anon's bitching about the site, Hello, have you seen the Internet? There are 9000 websites dedicated to people's cats. If they want to make a website for their first born and have some fun with it, it doesn't hurt you.

  9. I think it's just the way Jack is being presented, not that he is a baby. I mean, they are using some very adult themes for a baby. I don't know, that just seems kind of in poor taste.

    But in the end, they are the parents and they decide how to present their child. As long as they are not physically or emotionally harming him, it is fine. It's not the first time parents have marketed their child. The Olsen Twins, for instance.

  10. Oh man, why the haters? Jack has more credibility than most bloggers out there.

    For one, he's like 3 months old, so he's going to be honest since he's still very very very innocent.

    Secondly, he's adorable.

    He's Jack. He wears onesies. Deal with it.

  11. i guess this eqal site will not have links to porn. darn.

    obligatory- cute baby, etc. :-)

  12. I was just gonna suggest we put some unmarked, questionable links on there.

    Purely to see if they care more if it's their own child being linked. *shrugs*

  13. It's actually the perfect business decision...it's completely universal and marketable...because it caters to the average internet user who has the attention span of 3 minutes, and just wants to see poopy jokes.

    This will probably be their most popular show.

  14. Hehehehe, you said poopy.


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