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Saturday, August 1, 2009

EQAL launching Umbrella (more)

It will bring "blog-style and episodic publishing, discussion and forums and user profile pages into one easily themed product that site owners can effectively use to connect with their audience" and make money as well, the firm said.


Will EQAL’s Shift From Creating Content To Hosting It Pay Off?

And since EQAL has foregone the “create a series and hope the advertisers will come” business model, in favor of securing advertisers for shows first, it’s not clear why the team thinks that smaller producers that don’t have the track record of hit shows like lonelygirl15 will be able to make decent money (and pay up enough to cover the hosting costs).

EQAL Preps 'Umbrella' Tool for Consumers

The company, which recently said the weak ad market has forced it to halt its own original content development work, said Umbrella would feature the same enterprise-grade platform that powers EQAL's premium partner Web sites, but with simplified publishing and management interface features.



  1. I heard the first customers are HoO and Verdus Pharmaceuticals.

  2. "enterprise-grade"??

    If The Samantha Chronicles, with no budget and no legal status, already has a better platform (ning) than Umbrella...wtf kind of enterprise is supposed to buy EQAL's crap?

    Companies with negative money and retarded monkeys as CEOs?

    I mean, seriously..."enterprise-grade"? Who are you kidding?

  3. I will be buying the product.


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