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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eye on Lesser Known Web Series Part I

I <3 Vampires: I<3 Vampires is a series that has less to do with actual vampires and more to do with obsessive fan girls. The series follows Corbin, the self-described number one fan of the hit book series Confessions of a High School Vampire who runs a website Iheartvampires.net (an actual site) with her more obsessed sidekick Luci. Prior to the release of the final novel in the series, Corbin receives a mysterious email containing the first 5 chapters of the book, which she decides to publish online, resulting in the book's author, Siona McCabre, declaring that she will never publish the book. Corbin and Luci set out to discover the source of the leak and to convince their favorite author to publish the book.

Also, the series features Take 180's signature fan interaction, which dictates the character's moves and influences the plot. Each week there are challenges that play directly into the storyline and opportunity for fans to win prizes. Also, since its Take 180, all episodes are 3 minutes or less so catching up with the series will not take long.

Dirty Bomb Diaries: Dirty Bomb Diaries is the story of Misty, an attractive young girl who recently moved into a new apartment in the city. Shortly thereafter a dirty bomb explodes, crippling the city and leaving the survivors scampering to claim the dwindling resources. Misty continues to vlog throughout the ordeal, at first to record what has happened, but as the situation becomes more desperate it becomes the means of maintaining her sanity.

Described as lonelygirl meets an A-bomb, Dirty Bomb Diaries is a high concept drama made on a shoestring budget; the series reportedly cost only $600 to produce. The first season consisted of 16, 4 minute or less episodes and concluded in July 2008. A second season was planned; however, it has yet to materialize.

Safety Geeks: SVI: The green screen comedy Safety Geeks can be described as Thunderbirds meets Larry from OSHA by way of CSI. The series centers around a crack team of independently financed and often unwanted safety experts who spring into action after an accident often offering little if any actual assistance. The series stars memorable actress Brittney Powell in a bust out role as a former stripper turned psychologist. As one can imagine the series contains adult situations and may not be suitable for children or viewing at work.

Spellfury: Spellfury is a special effects laden fantasy series with a healthy dose of camp. The series centers on a blond elf who carries a lightsaber inspired sword who battles various CG monsters. Given the number of effects shots and its limited budget, Spellfury is a very ambitious project. Also, while there are many series that deal with fantasy role-playing, The Guild, for instance, Spellfury is one of only a couple of series that incorporate fantasy elements. The individual episodes are very short, running in most cases under two minutes and new episodes are released infrequently, usually a month or so apart.

Four if by Space: Four if by Space is a comedy farce about twin brothers, Evan and Quentin, who each befriend an alien. Quentin befriends Guiradon who is on the run from his own people and the two set off on a cross country road trip, while the General and Evan live a comfortable existence in New York as the General plots an alien invasion. There are 15 episodes so far of this series, which is aimed at an adult audience and is not suitable for children, parents, pets, or the Amish.

ETA: Part II is coming Friday, there were just too many series for one post. Also, join in the discussion at Anchor Cove, the one stop shop for all your web series needs.


  1. Does I <3 Vampires really qualify as a Lesser Known Web Series? The series actually seems to have a pretty decent fan-base, even if the view-counts on YouTube are kind of "low".

    Dirty Bomb Diaries is a MUST watch. It's damn well brilliant.

  2. Yeah, the Dirty Bomb Diaries is really good!

    I also love the webseries The Ennead. It's mysterious and really a good quality show, with episodes around 5 minutes each. Episodes are released every Thursday. Check it out on Youtube! (and no, they didn't pay me for this little bit of advertisement.)

  3. When is AmishGirl15 due to launch?

  4. 4ifbySpace is really funny, it's lowbrow.

  5. AmishGirl15 will be around the same time I launch With The Angles.

    Oh, another must-watch? Transylvania Television. A retro-themed puppet show with down-right dark and dirty humor? Fuck. Yes.

    Found it right here on the blog <3

  6. Do yourselves a favor, if you haven't already, and watch 4ifyspace.

  7. Safety Geeks: SVi is an edgy awesome comedy series that is WAT ahead of its time.

    Watch it!!!!!!!


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