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Friday, August 14, 2009

Eye on Lesser Known Web Series Part II

Soul fire Rising: Soul fire Rising is a horror series that deals with the battle between Angels, which are called wingers in the series, and demons, which are called, well, demons. The winger with the Angelic name, Gabriel, summons the demon Lilith and offers her the soul of the now mortal Eve if she can find her and bring her to him.

Soul fire Rising has a very cinematic feel, beautifully filmed, with high production values and a talented cast. Fans of the CW series Supernatural will immediately identify with the series themes and concepts. Currently, there are four episodes, which appear to be released sporadically.

The Ennead: For centuries two sides have been locked in conflict. In order to gain the advantage each side is seeking the Ennead, a group of nine immortals who have shaped human destiny since the beginning of time, but disappeared long ago. Unfortunately, time is running out as it was prophesied that a comet would herald the apocalypse, and the comet has arrived. With the comet's arrival, seemingly, ordinary humans are developing extraordinary abilities. Could these individuals be the Ennead returned to save humanity?

The Ennead launched earlier this year with a fair amount of attention, before falling into the abyss of web series obscurity. Still the series has a loyal following and new episodes are released every Thursday. Eighteen episodes have already aired with a planned twenty-two to twenty-six in the first season.

Gold: Gold is a scripted series about the competitive, cut-throat world of professional table-top role-playing. The series follows the perennial second place American team as they prepare to do 'battle' against the mighty British team as-well-as declining interest in table-top role-playing.

Gold has received a fair amount of attention while simultaneously flying beneath most people's radar, partly due to the infrequent release schedule. Debuting in November 2008, only six episodes have been released averaging one a month so far. Nevertheless, the series has a loyal following and was recently selected to take part in the New York Television Festival.

Tech Know: Billing itself as the "world's awesomest gadget review show," its right there in the theme song, Tech Know, nevertheless, is less about gadget review, although they do manage a healthy dose of product placement, and more about the behind the scenes shenanigans of the show's sleazy executive, and the show's hosts and the evil arc-nemesis who seeks to destroy them.

Tech Know falls outside the lines of a traditional web series; however, it does have a narrative structure and story arc, plus the individual episodes can be hilarious. Also, there are boobs. The series is produced by Barely Digital, the folks that brought the world Obama girl. Also, check out the various musical and parody videos on the company's YouTube page.

Merrime.com: Merrime.com, the '.com' is part of the show's name, centers on Merri, a Quarterlife-inspired, Beverly Hills trust-fund girl who is looking for love online, because, apparently, wealthy, attractive twenty year olds can only find a suitable date on the Internet. Each week Merri goes on a date with a different loser, or the occasional actor from Beverly Hills 90210 and wackiness ensues.

Of all the series highlighted, Merrime.com has received the most mainstream attention. It topped TV Guide's web hot list and won the best comedy award at the Independent Television Festival last week in Los Angels. The show also has an exclusive distribution deal with The Frisky, a female-oriented social networking site. The show is targeted at women in there late twenties and thirties and contains adult situations, which may not be suitable for children or guys who do not wish to listen to wealthy, whiny women whimper about how hard their lives can be.

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  1. Merrime sounds interesting and i love 90210 peeps!

  2. Yes, Merrime.com, must not forget the '.com,' is definitely aimed at the chic market. After watching seven episodes I felt dirty and not in the good way.

  3. These articles are great! Will there be more?

  4. Sure, anon if you have any suggestions for other series let me know.

  5. Still gonna throw TVTV.com on this list!

    C'moooooonnn, it's hilarious! And has puppets! I know this commmunity enjoys its puppets!


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