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Monday, August 3, 2009

First look: Level 26 hardback book and the cover controversy

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

In the end, Hyperion and Dutton got in to a bidding war and it was Dutton who sent a passionate letter regarding the “Digi-Novel.”


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  1. The photo of Sqweegel was shot by Missy Suicide of the Suicide Girls.

  2. Rather then posting every single time there is a new post on Level26, wouldn't it be simpler to just import the RSS feed showing the latest headlines so that people can tell when the site has been updated.

  3. You assume that Level26.com has RSS..... we have been asking for that since the original Eqal beta test in LG15.

  4. What they don't have rss? Is that pretty standard now-a-days? I'm fairly certain I heard somewhere that they were working on it.

    Well, I'm sure they will get to it, it sure would be helpful.

  5. As I have mentioned in my recent comment on tubefilter, I have asked Miles about RSS feeds in the Creator live chat after the lonelygirl15 finale, when they discussed the upcoming new platform. (That is, one year ago, before the software was even in "beta".)

    He assured me it was definitely on their agenda.

    How telling it is that, in a world where syndication is one of the central news propagation mechanisms of the web, RSS is no priority for EQAL, I'll leave for you to determine.

  6. Well, following Renegade's example I decided to see if I could do it for them. Creating an rss feed when you don't control the website is rather difficult, but not that difficult.

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