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Saturday, August 8, 2009

In the Creature's Shadow

Growing Concern
Posted by Jessica Morning

I know this won't matter to most people, but James is missing. His behavior has grown more erratic since his "vacation" and our small parting of the ways. While I am still not completely convinced coming back was the best course of action, these new developments still have me concerned.

Strange messages come through to the office, garbled, that no one can make out. Considering his profile going to the authorities is not an option for us. I have ensured that there are people looking for James, if for no other reason than to monitor him once he is found. We have long established that there is no making him do anything that he doesn't want to. I am still hoping that he has some ulterior motive behind this, some bizarre test of my loyalties to see how far I will go to find him? Some plan he needs to enact in private? It's just unusual.

As for me, I am still only sleeping a couple of hours a night, and my communication with Jeanette and my mother has gotten scant since I came back to work for James. Then again my communication with my mother has always been challenging. My sister is focused on going to school for her second year away from home. She is grateful for getting away from her too.

What I wouldn't do for one full night of dreamless sleep.

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