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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Level 26 contests start on friday!

From Level 26 chat:

Matt Seigel (from EQAL):

We are going to start some weekend contests every Friday
We have some of those $80 Ecko shirts that we held back from Comic Con
Yeah, that's how much the shirt retails for. Crazy, but it's a ridiculous shirt.
And it's hand-designed by Ecko himself (which is pretty cool)
That's the thing. I'd like to have Anthony autograph them first. And he's out of town
So rather than give someone a shirt now and then be bummed later because they didn't get an autograph... we decided to ask Ra to join the site and post a blog and upload a tune
And then next Friday we will start the contest
So, next Friday we are going to start our contests and interactive events here on Level26.com
Have a great weekend everyone!

For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

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WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

1 comment:

  1. I'm already tired of all the level26 news on here. It sounds like a stupid project anyway. Another loser thing of eqal.


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