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Monday, August 10, 2009

LG15: The Last chat

Xavier says he doesn't really like any of Order, HoO or Resistance, Sibylla decided they'd stay with the Order, and they're mainly there because the Elder is their adoptive mother.

This post is designed to give a quick overview of the things the Weave Twins said last night; the quotes are thus taking out of context and re-ordered for heightened understanding.

On why they're in chat:
<SibyllaWeave> Because I wanted you to all know that something is coming

On why they serve the Order:
<XavierWeave> We serve because Sibylla wants to
<XavierWeave> I will tell you why I serve the order... if that's appropriate?
<XavierWeave> I don’t really like the Order, Hymn of One or those in the resistance; rather I see myslf and my sister as tools that can achieve multiple outcomes being either good or bad.
<XavierWeave> the pay is better
<XavierWeave> No. Sibylla has chosen for now. Plus we owe the Elder our lives

On being Trait Positive:
<XavierWeave> no we are not trait positive

On Jonas/pilot:
<SibyllaWeave> No I was not beating up Jonas

On the Elder:
<SibyllaWeave> Hera
<SibyllaWeave> No, Hera adopted us. We would never turn on her
<SibyllaWeave> Hera is the only Elder in Australia

On Mitch:
<XavierWeave> Do NOT mention Mitchell again!
<SibyllaWeave> Xavier did not want to you to mention Mitch for my benefit
<SibyllaWeave> I do not take to traitors well
<SibyllaWeave> You will also find out what happend to Mitch

On the girls' fate:
<XavierWeave> I'm looking forward to Jayde's ceremony
<SibyllaWeave> hahaha Toni, Leigh dead

Their location:
<SibyllaWeave> still in Sydney.

On the idea of Xavier betraying Sib:
<SibyllaWeave> Xavier would never do that
<SibyllaWeave> I think very highly of my brother. He knows he can leave at anytime
<XavierWeave> But I never would
<XavierWeave> I love my sister. We would never betray one another

On what they did before The Last:
<XavierWeave> I was training previously renegade
<SibyllaWeave> I was in training Renegade
<XavierWeave> We are not newbies
<XavierWeave> but simply Training...is where we test the duritability of new Order members

On theories and time frames:
<SibyllaWeave> I would love to see some of your theories.
<SibyllaWeave> please feel free to post a video... You have until Friday
<XavierWeave> that's being specific Sibylla
<SibyllaWeave> That's the only thing they can handle
<SibyllaWeave> simple minded
<SibyllaWeave> just add it as a response to the last video that Xavier posted

On cover identities:
<XavierWeave> Yes we have cover identites
<XavierWeave> No I don't pose as Damien all the time
<XavierWeave> he's boring
As for whether they consider their covers or their evil selves real:
<SibyllaWeave> Sibylla is my true self

On names and people:
<XavierWeave> Sibylla was the name of a Queen
<SibyllaWeave> that is who I am named after
<FH14> Sibylla of Jerusalem?
<SibyllaWeave> indeed Fh14

<XavierWeave> My middle name is Guy. Also related to Sibylla
<FH14> Guy of Lusignan?
<XavierWeave> Yes Fh14
<Haures> If i remember..Guy de Lusignon was some templar in Jerusalem...

<SibyllaWeave> Frances is also related to Xavier
<FH14> Frances is her middle name

<SibyllaWeave> personally I admire Raynald of Châtillon
<XavierWeave> He was a favorite of mine
<SibyllaWeave> infamous for his torture techniques

Thanks to Renegade for providing details from chat.

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