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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LG15 Related Articles Up For Deletion Vote On Wikipedia

A number of LG15 related articles were recently nominated for deletion on Wikipedia, including most notably LG15: The Last and Jackson Davis.

If you wish to weigh in on these discussions, click on the link for "this article's entry" on the deletion box at the top of each of the articles. If you wish to keep the article on wikipedia, you should vote "Keep" and explain your rationale. Do not assume that waves of other people will weigh in so that you can stay on the sidelines - the lonelygirl15 article itself was once deleted from Wikipedia in 2006, even though it was becoming a huge internet phenomenon at the time. (However, if you do choose to vote, don't make it a mass "LG15today sent me here and we're mad!!" - that will not help the cause.)

This is the 2nd time that Jackson's article has been up for deletion - the result last time was to keep the article, and its not clear why it has been renominated. I have voted to Keep both of these articles.

Other articles up for deletion include Becki Kregoski, Katherine Pawlak, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty (KateModern), and Giles Anderson (KateModern). Some of these probably do not meet the Wikipedia guidelines for notability, but I think Jackson Davis and Lg15: The Last do.


  1. One thing that helps wikipedia pages survive is references within the page with links to reputable source articles. If someone has a story in a top publication it often deters pple from trying to delete a page.

  2. Where is the option to vote "keep"?

  3. You press the 436 button......



  4. when you get to the page with the vote discussion, you have to click on "edit this page" and add your views to the bottom like this, for example:

    *'''Keep''' - I believe LG15: The Last meets the standards of notability to be on Wikipedia. Its been cited in a number of articles, and is unique as the first webseries by fans, based on an establish mythology, that has been raised to the status of an official show as opposed to "fan fiction"

  5. I hate to argue with you here, but I'd say, out of all the flagged articles, only Jackson Davis's article may be able to have an argument made for it, and even that would be flimsy.

    All of the articles easily fail the notability tests, which were repeatedly pointed out. My original argument for keeping Jackson's article is that he is arguably more important to the lg15 franchise than Yousef or Jessica Rose. Now that both of those actors have much more extensive resumes, Jackson can't really stand up to the "if they're notable, so is he" argument any more.

    The Last, as is obvious, fails every single one of the web notability criteria because it is not mentioned anywhere else. I think that it SHOULD have been mentioned by a news site or two, but it didn't, and that's the predicament we're in.

  6. shiori - there's no reason you can't argue about it.

    i've added significant citation about TSIY and The Last to the Last article. however, the nominator seems hellbelt on deletion without engaged discussion.

    i agree that the last should have had more citation, but that was a marketing failure by EQAL and doesn't make it suddenly nonnotable.

    as for jackson, i am sure we can find 100s of actors on wikipedia with arguably flimsier resumes than he, yet they remain.

  7. To leave a KEEP comment click on the:

    "this article's entry" link in the deletion notice.

    Then just used edit to add your "KEEP" and comment.

  8. The format of your comment should be something like this

    :::: "Keep". and then write your comment here ~ followed by your signature which you add by clicking the feature that looks like a sqiggly signature.

  9. LG15: The Last: "This article was nominated for deletion on 3 August 2009. The result of the discussion was keep."
    We should ensure the page is well-kept and updated so that it doesn't end up like this again.


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