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Monday, August 31, 2009


From: http://inside.lg15.com/2009/08/31/lg15-the-show-is-yours-2/

Submit Your Pilot!

After the incredible creativity and hard work from the producers of LG15: The Last, we are excited to announce LG15: TSIY2. This is your chance to make the next LG15 series! Submit your ORIGINAL LG15 PILOT and get the chance to see your show be the featured content on LG15.com.

We have listened to the feedback from the community and looked back at the first TSIY and made some changes that we think will make TSIY2 even more successful and rewarding for both the producer of the chosen series and the community.

Sorry about the formal nature of the below, but we want to be very clear and precise about TSIY2. So here you go:

Submitting Your Pilot

Anyone may submit a pilot for TSIY2. The pilots must be submitted between October 1, 2009 and October 15, 2009. Entries will be closed at 11:59 pm PST on October 15, 2009.

If the submission comes from more than one person, the team must appoint one person that will be the point person for the pilot (”Point Person” “You” “Your”). The Point Person must be over the age of 18 and legally able to enter into contracts.

The pilot must be derivative of the LG15 Universe by building upon the mythology of lonelygirl15, KateModern, LG15: The Resistance, LG15: The Last, and OpAphid. For more information on LG15, please read the LGPedia, the #1 resource on all things LG15.

The pilot can either be Episode One of your proposed show or a Pilot Presentation, which gives a general idea of the look and feel of the proposed show. It must be no more than 5 minutes in length.

Upload Your video to YouTube and send the link with Your social show treatment to [email protected] All pilots will be showcased on LG15.com and Inside LG15.

As part of Your pilot treatment, You must list the names of all people entitled to “Created By” and “Executive Producer” credit of Your pilot.

All video submissions must also include an 8-week social show treatment that outlines Your story, characters, and interactivity. Your treatment must incorporate all aspects of a social show. A social show is an experience on a website where a community participates in a specific entertainment property by viewing and discussing videos and other multimedia content, and by interacting with the characters through profile pages, commenting, and chat.

All submitted pilots will be covered by our Terms of Service.

The selected pilot will be announced on October 30, 2009.

If Your Pilot is Chosen:

If Your pilot is chosen to become TSIY2, it will become part of the LG15 canon. You will be required to create one piece of content each day, Monday through Friday. You will be required to produce at least 2 videos per week, plus additional content such as pictures, text blogs, and interactivity.

Prior to announcing the selected pilot, EQAL will reach out to the Point Person and inform them that they have been selected.

The Point Person will then enter into a contract with EQAL whereby EQAL will acquire the rights to Your show. The contract will be a standard contract with the following terms:

You will be paid $5,000 for the rights to your show and to deliver the required materials.
Once receiving the $5,000 you are responsible for producing the 8 week social show and for all costs of production associated with the production of Your show.
All people listed as “Creators” and “Executive Producers” on the pilot submission will receive “Created by” and “Executive Producer” credit in the LGPedia.
You will receive 50% of the net profits from all proceeds from the Your show.
You must have name/likeness releases for all people appearing in your show and the rights to use all music in your show.
You will deliver the first week of content to EQAL on January 4, 2010 and your show will start airing on January 11, 2010.
You will be required to deliver each week’s content every Monday thereafter (e.g. Week 2 is due on January 11, 2010).
Your show will be distributed on the LG15 YouTube account and on a custom show page subdomain of LG15.com (e.g. LG15.com/yourshow)

Marketing Your Show and Other Info.:

EQAL will market Your show by posting it to the LG15 YouTube account, showcasing each new video on the lonelygirl15 YouTube channel video player and the LG15: The Resistance YouTube channel, and sending out tweets when each new video is posted from the LG15 twitter account.

An EQAL producer may consult with you and your production team and review scripts and videos to ensure that your story is consistent with the LG15 Universe and uploaded in a timely manner for the benefit of the community.

Glenn Rubenstein, creator of OpAphid, will provide a vocal cameo as “Brother,” and/or assistance with effects and/or editing for 2-3 minutes of Tachyon-style footage if You should choose to include these characters in Your series. Glenn may provide other help and/or assets to the winner at his sole discretion.

Good Luck! We look forward to watching everyone’s pilots and seeing what the LG15 Community will do with the Breeniverse.

Greg said...
We can do a live chat if that would be helpful. To be honest, I feel that people are more comfortable asking questions here. Let's start with leaving questions here and I will do my best to answer all of them. If we feel that a live chat will be more helpful, I will do that after.

Lucy had a baby recently so I'm not sure she's into kicking butt and taking names . . . at this point.


  1. The contest got a mention on the live ARGNetcast.

  2. January 11, 2010.

    I'm sure another four and a half months of nothing will be very healthy for the community.

    They failed to mention whether they are going to force arbitrary delays upon the winner.

  3. Renegade, see my comment in an earlier post. You and me need to get lunch or coffee. I believe we can get along.

    We didn't force any delays on The Last. We actually worked with their schedule.

    We need to give the winner ample time to produce a really great series.


  4. Ergh... I guess this means no revival of Final Request that I've been planning. I understand the 18+ rule and all, I just don't want to find an adult to take credit for my work just so it can be entered in a contest. I'll keep my screenwrites for another day. Good luck to all of the pilots!

  5. renegade you are such a tool.

  6. Greg -assuming you actually are Goodfried-, I have nothing against you, personally. I don't doubt we'd get along. I'm just pointing out something that will undeniably become an issue - Alone was posted on the site on July 28th. Which means, unless you have more planned, by the time TSIY2 starts, there will have been a six month break between both series, only interrupted by two weeks of contest-show-off and The Last's finale.

    Especially if the community has an exact date to return (January 11, 2010), if there is no other content, many will simply vanish from the site until January, if there is nothing else.

    That being said, I know for a fact that your statement is false - the video "Only a life lived for others is worth living" was released on YouTube on July 24th. Most of us had watched it multiple times by the time it was finally released on the main site on July 27th.

    Do you want us to believe that was The Last's doing?

    In addition, since I have you here like that, I would love to know what EQAL's stance on functional errors of the winning show's page will be - in other words, are you going to actually fix issues like the header link this time?

  7. So this is not a contest right? It is more of a request for proposals....right?

  8. Greg never offered to buy me lunch.

  9. milo's random observations:

    1. re randy & the 18+ rule - if you are under 18, you can't enter a binding contract. i remember this from the old CD-by-mail clubs ("7 Cds for 1 cent!" remember those?) - basically anyone under 18 could get out of their commitment to buy the later CDs because under 18s cannot be bound if they want to get out of a contract. it would be shame for you not to enter, randy, due to this rule. i am sure there is someone who could do it for you?

    2. these rules seem to be a big improvement over last time. and $5,000 is 200% better than 2500, plus its being revealed up front. that was the main problem with The Misfits debacle.

    3. Re renegade's comment about the hiatus time - yes, the long hiatus is unfortunate but hopefully eqal can actually roll out the new umbrella version on lg15.com by this time (greg, care to chime in?) , plus i think you have to give the winner sufficient time to get it done. hopefully TSIY3.0 (assuming it happens) planning can get underway the day TSIY 2.0 debuts, to shorten the hiatus periods.

    4. "ALL PILOTS will be showcased on LG15.com and Inside LG15."

    oooohhh. all???? hmm.....

  10. The word contest is not mentioned, so this is pitching your show to a company much like producers will pitch shows to a network. Everything is very clear this time, and to the point. I think this is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get on board!

  11. Greg,
    LG15:436 has no content, it doesn't exist. If I win and you insist on me posting something. Can I just post videos of me sitting on my couch, eating Doritos and watching the complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series on my new 60" TV which I paid for with the $5,000 contest money?

  12. Joe - and i have the perfect tagline for your pilot, "its just like Buffy!" it may not be chosen, but i'd like to see it featured on lg15.com and insidelg15.

  13. Bring on LG15:436 This gonna be a non existent smash hit 4 su.

  14. I'd like to see it actually posted to the lonelygirl15 YouTube acct. There's a huge difference in having it appear to the subscribers and having it favorited so only people who visit the channel will see it. I understand it though. Probably best to see what they got first. Still like to see some of the core actors made available for some sort of appearance. All in all an improvement.

  15. thanks Immo, I'm very glad you see an improvement. Renegade, I will address your comments at our lunch :)

    As for everyone else, I'm very glad you are happy with TSIY2. We are excited and feel that the clarity of the rules will make it very appealing for web producers to make a great show and showcase their talent.

  16. Well played, sir.

    A cop-out, but well played.

  17. I have high hopes for this, but the hiatus does worry me...

    maybe subtitles N1ckola episodes? *nudges Greg* Take the hint.

  18. So wait, does that mean Lucy is not available this time out?!

  19. Why not have a live community chat to clarify any details?

  20. We can do a live chat if that would be helpful. To be honest, I feel that people are more comfortable asking questions here. Let's start with leaving questions here and I will do my best to answer all of them. If we feel that a live chat will be more helpful, I will do that after.

    Lucy had a baby recently so I'm not sure she's into kicking butt and taking names . . . at this point.

  21. Oh yeah, this is the real Greg. I'm using my google account.

  22. "Point Person must be over the age of 18"...well can't do this one, I'm 18. Not that I could, way too many film projects on my hands right now.

  23. Q: Does the 18+ rule allow for a "minor" to have their legal guardian co-sign the legal agreement or does that muddy the legal waters too much?

  24. Q: Does the recent announcement mean that the OpAphid characters and associated story lines are fully available to be extended within the LG15 Universe just like any other character/storyline or are there any special restrictions (other than not including anything RE88 related)?

  25. Q: if the winner is in the USA what is the IRS status of the $5000? In other words is this considered employment, contract employment, "a gift" or is it more like you are buying a product outright from a creator....... what exactly?

  26. "EQAL will market Your show by posting it to the LG15 YouTube account, showcasing each new video on the lonelygirl15 YouTube channel video player and the LG15: The Resistance YouTube channel, and sending out tweets when each new video is posted from the LG15 twitter account."

    Q: To be clear we are talking about showcase "embeds" on both the the lonelygirl15 YouTube channel video player and the LG15: The Resistance YouTube channel and this will run for the entire 8 week period that the show runs.


    Would you also be willing to add in MySpace bulletins for the 8 week period on the lonelygurl15 account (which has a lot of friends) and hence is useful from a marketing point of view?

  27. 1. lonefox101 said: ""Point Person must be over the age of 18"...well can't do this one, I'm 18. Not that I could, way too many film projects on my hands right now."

    - it means you must have reached the age of 18, not be 19. ambiguous perhaps, but that's the intent i am sure.

  28. I've got it! Jack is a Ceremony baby, and Lucy's been tasked with watching him until a suitable family can be found. It'll be like the odd couple, except with an adorable baby and a grumpy hitwoman.

  29. Since EQAL will be acquiring all of the rights, will the show's creators retain any rights? For instance, what about entering various festivals? There are a couple that already and more that are planning to accept web shows. For instance, the Independent Television Festival and the New York Television Festival both treat web content equally with other projects, so entering one or several is a good idea for a content producer looking for exposure.

  30. On a slightly off topic, but one very relevant to community dynamics:

    Q. Has anyone at Eqal taken the time to look at the grease monkey link fix for the LG15: The Last web site?


    While Miles promised us that you and he and your team of programmers would fix the problems on the web site, it was Ren and a team of community beta testers that actually turned the site into a more functional domain. To simply brush this issue under the table is not exactly "active listening".

    Perhaps if someone actually took the time to look at this effort that went into this great community achievement they would understand why it is important.

    While you are at it, take a walk over to Wikipedia and take a good hard look at the effort the community has put into saving the Jackson Davis page. Wait, don't just look. Actually spend the time reading it from beginning to end.


    While you may feel the community should show the c more love these are but two of the ways the community speaks with actions and not idle words.

    Should we not expect the same from Eqal?

  31. Some of the changes to the TSIY contest show that the c have been indeed listening to the community and that is a good first step. However the omission of certain things show that the c still have not entered into a full dialogue with the community about ways the contest design itself can be changed and improved.

    One of the central issues here is that the contest tends to divide the community. While those that support the winner will of course be thrilled, there is a tendency for those who supported other shows to just walk away. This is something we saw happen clearly in TSIY-1.

    When questioned about this the c have just said that they favor active collaboration within a show. This however does not get to the heart of the problem: the contest itself pits one group in the community against others. Typically competition is a great thing, but in this case in many ways it has done far more damage than it has good. So....

    Q. Going forward, are you and others involved with the contest willing to enter into an active and open dialogue regarding ways the contest design can be improved. This does not just mean sitting back, listening and then cherry picking as you have in the past. This means sharing your ideas along with others in the community and openly discussing them interactively so that we can all find the best way possible to move the contest and the community forward.

  32. 1) 18 and older rule. We are going to keep that rule as is. We really aren't comfortable with minors submitting and then having to work with their parent/guardian and verify that it is actually their parent or guardian. Sorry to those under 18, but this is the only we can do this.

    2)OpAphid, like any other character, is fair game and can be expanded on based on the producer's desire.

    3) Need to look into the IRS issue. My assumption is that the $5,000 will go to production costs for the producer and that it won't be taxable as income. I'm not a tax expert so I need to look into this.

    4) Yes, we will take the video from the LG15 YouTube channel and embed it on the lonelygirl15 and Resistance channel pages. We will not be uploading the videos directly to either channel. Yes, we can send out myspace bulletins. Good suggestion. Please remind me if we happen to forget to do it, but that is a very good suggestion.

    5) We will be acquiring the rights so the producer cannot submit the show places without our consent. But please note that we are doing TSIY2 to showcase talent so if the producer wants to submit their content to a festival we will be supportive. We will just want to make sure the submission is clear and doesn't confuse the LG15: TSIY2 submission with lonelygirl15.

    6)I went to wikipedia and read through everything. that is great! I'm sure Jackson really appreciates it! Miles and I don't have pages, our names auto refer to lonelygirl15. Oh well, one can only dream :) Also, the grease monkey link fix is very cool. We know this community is talented, resourceful, and passionate and we hope TSIY2 is a step in the right direction showing you how much we appreciate it.

  33. Renegade - sorry it took me a little while to answer. I will try to be faster.

  34. "Miles and I don't have pages, our names auto refer to lonelygirl15."

    The web genre has been under "attack" for a long time now on Wikipedia and as a result we have lost a lot of pages. Anyone who has tried to add a new web series knows it can be difficult. For a page to survive it needs to be extremely well researched and referenced before it is even posted.

    The battle over Jackson's page points to how difficult this has become.

    This is a place where Eqal and the academy in general could use their platform to speak out on behalf of web series related pages on Wikipedia. We need more articles in top line journals and newspapers. We need people to talk to the senior admins at Wikipedia and perhaps even Jimmy Wales himself.

    The community can only fight so many battles from the trenches and it is time for those with a "larger voice" to be heard and lend their support to this fight. "Net Neutrality" is all well and nice, but this is an area where a real difference could be made if everyone did their part.

  35. "2)OpAphid, like any other character, is fair game and can be expanded on based on the producer's desire."

    One thing that is not totally clear is how a TSIY-2 story line could expand on the OpAphid story when she was last seen in RE88 which is basically a different story. The events of RE88 would seem to have created serious plot developments that have forever altered her storyline.

    OpAphid's bigger story seems to be central to the RE88 story which, as we understand it, was based on a "Redearth" screenplay that was written a long time ago. In other words if OpAphid has already entered that larger storyline how does that jive with the TSIY-2 contest.

  36. Say hello to the MultiBreeniverse.

    Quoth Wikipedia:
    "The DC Multiverse consists of numerous worlds, most of them outside DC's main continuity allowing writers the creative freedom to explore alternate versions of characters and their histories without contradicting and/or permanently altering the official continuity."

    I'd say you can happily explore the BlueEarth Op, no matter the happenings of the RedEarth one ;)

    *wonders what happens in Crisis on Infinite Brees*

    A far more interesting question is: When does OpAphid's site go up, and in what form?
    Will OpAphid's page be created "soon", on the old version of the software, or will it pop up after the move to the new version of the software? When will the software upgrade happening? Next month? Next year? After the winner was announced? Shortly before it starts?

    Given that all posts are going to be gone, it makes a difference whether there are three months left to post, or everything is going to be wiped out by tomorrow...

    And will OpAphid's header link work?

  37. The analogy to the "DC Multiverse" would probably be more applicable if both stories were Eqal productions. That is not the case here where we have a situation more like DC and Marvel and currently OpAphid has moved from one story to the other.

  38. Looks like Greg's attempts to be faster have been unsuccessful. >_>

    Let's add a few while we wait:
    For those of us who have never won TSIY, what is the exact publishing process of a video (or other piece of content, for that matter)? i.e. what kind of access, if any, does the winning team have, or how does it go about releasing a video?

    I am guessing from the weekend-delay-debacle that The Last's team, for example, does not have the necessary access to post front page posts on lg15.com, or, even if they have the technical ability, they don't have the authority.

    On the other hand, I've heard them bitch about YouTube being a source of trouble more then once, which supports that some kind of YouTube-upload is involved, either to the LG15-account, or as private videos to a different account, for review.

    So, Greg...what is the process? How does it work? Where does the team upload what, what kind of review/signing off happens, what is EQAL's involvement in the process, how independent is the winning team in releasing content?
    And, especially considering the weekend-delay-debacle in combination with the rules' call for "one piece of content each day, Monday through Friday", plus the warning that "An EQAL producer may consult with you and your production team [...] to ensure that your story is [...] uploaded in a timely manner [...]" - what submission limits are imposed on the team on a time level? Is there a certain cut-off time, like 10 pm or midnight after which nothing goes up anymore? Are weekends taboo? If such time-restrictions exist, what time-zone are they in? EQAL's? The winning team's? GMT?

    Assuming the "EQAL producer" deems the winning team's contribution unworthy of LG15, what happens? Are they in breach of contract? Do they get Tuesday as a second deadline? Do they have to try again and again until EQAL signs a piece of content off, and then have to rush through the remainder of the week to make the next deadline?

    And then it gets more complicated:
    This cycle's rules demand that content is delivered a week in advance - if the content has been delivered in advance, does that mean EQAL holds it for a week and releases it at a predetermined point in time, autonomously from the winning team? Does EQAL determine and control such release times, or does the winning team schedule them? What if EQAL fails to release a piece of content as it was agreed upon, thus screwing up the winning team's story progression? (It's not like EQAL is infallible, after all.)

    What about dynamically-released content, such as responses to solved puzzles, or reactions to other community-actions which are time-sensitive?

    EQAL is -understandably, after The Last's numerous delays- aggressively trying to control the timing and scheduling of this cycle of TSIY. However, the rules as they stand seem to be in utter disregard of both the intricacies of different timezones as well as the entire "social" aspect of a show - how is the winning team supposed to interact with the community in their content, if all content is delayed by a week?
    The way the rules read, their entire ability to react to the community will be limited to the comment boards and chat?
    A character reacting to community actions of last week, after five episodes in which s/he showed no sign of awareness at all, hardly feels interactive.

    We understand that EQAL is learning how to work TSIY just as much as the community is, Greg, but in terms of timing and scheduling, the current rules seem to be very EQAL-centric with no regard for the winning team's situation and lacking a lot of details regarding the actual process of working with EQAL to release content in the manner demanded.

    I believe it would be in the interest of both sides if you, Greg, layed out exactly how the day-to-day and video-to-video work with EQAL will be, how flexible the one-week-advance rule will be for dynamic content, and how much power the winning team will have over content and releases.

  39. Some good points there from Ren.

    Understanding the process would seem to be helpful in designing a TSIY that would work within the parameters established by Eqal and the needs of the creators of a TSIY. This is something that should be understood by anyone submitting a treatment/pilot.

  40. Also, along the same lines:

    RE: "Glenn Rubenstein, creator of OpAphid, will provide a vocal cameo as “Brother,” and/or assistance with effects and/or editing for 2-3 minutes of Tachyon-style footage if You should choose to include these characters in Your series. Glenn may provide other help and/or assets to the winner at his sole discretion."


    "In fact, Glenn Rubenstein will join the producers at EQAL as a judge determining the winner of LG15: TSIY2 and will provide some audiovisual assets to the winner if they choose to incorporate OpAphid characters in their show (details in the official rules)."

    Q. What is the process for incorporating "OpAhid assets" in a TSIY. For example, will EQAL or Glenn provide say the voice of OpAphid. How does a producer go about determining what is possible and what is not? Some clarification would probably be useful for those who are planning on submitting a pilot/treatment while they are still in the brainstorming phase.

  41. Yeah...so much for the whole question answering thing.

    *waits for the winner to quit over false expectations*

  42. Q. Can you announce TSIY-2 on the twitter account?


    Also, will there be an official Eqal press release when the winning show launches?

  43. Sorry for the delay.

    The two main questions seem to be about process for posting and for Glenn. These details will be worked out with the chosen producer and we will work with them to make sure that it is a painless process that gets content posted on time and without delay or working late into the night or weekends. As for the Glenn question, same thing, Glenn will work with the producer to integrate OpAphid in a way that is high quality and makes sense for everyone. I am not trying to be vague, it's just hard to answer as there will be different circumstances for different people and we will do our best to accommodate the chosen producer.

    Yes, we will announce on the LG15 twitter account.

  44. Greg: It would really help if you could answer the questions in a little more detail so that producers know what they have to work with before they begin their pilot/treatment. The questions seem pretty clear and while each situation is different some of the questions really need direct answers. Please take the time to read them over again and see if you can clarify the outstanding issues.

  45. It's nice to see you haven't forgotten us, Greg, but I'm afraid that answer won't cut it.

    The questions of whether or not the winning team will be in breach of contract and, if yes, what will happen to them if they miss a deadline, how failed deadlines will be handled, how content-based community interaction will work if all content has to be submitted a week in advance, whether there can be exceptions to the rule, how far the winning team's access rights go, how far EQAL's control of released content goes, etc., etc. are all entirely independent from which team wins.

    Even if you can't give specifics like "Call Amanda at exactly 9:13 PM PST and say the secret code word 'cucumber'", there are numerous questions open which will apply to all teams equally, no matter who wins, and, in case of the interaction-related questions, even to the community at large.

    A contract is an agreement between two parties. You can't expect the winning team to enter a contract without knowing exactly what they're getting into. Right now, all we're hearing is what EQAL expects on their side of the contract, with very little information of how the winning team's side of the deal will look in practice.

    Quite frankly, I think the way you're handling this right now is setting EQAL up for yet another Misfits debacle. Because if whoever wins has only half a brain, they won't be stupid enough to sign a contract that imposes a truckload of previously-unknown conditions and limitations on them.

  46. The questions regarding OpAphid also need to be answered because how can someone be expected to write a story when the status of a character is in question? Please just try to read the questions and answer them directly so that producers have some idea where they stand. OK?

    Thanks in advance.

  47. Greg, I know you're a busy man and all, but if you take another 12 days to answer the questions, it might be too late for people to produce a pilot for the contest. Writing a script, getting the equipment, scouting locations, finding actors, shooting, editing etc. all takes time, after all.

    Just sayin'...providing clarity to potential contestants quickly is in your interest.

  48. Agreed. The entire point of this open discussion is to have answers BEFORE producers submit their pilots so that they can be fully informed before doing so.

  49. For a summary of "open questions" see:


  50. FYI: Comment left on the other post:

    "Greg said...
    Hey everyone, I am going to write up an answer this weekend (it is the Jewish holiday so I have some family obligations today). Thanks"


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