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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maddison Atkins: Adam was in IRC chat

The Letter From Abby

01:43 AdamDragonBreath it is so late......
01:43 AdamDragonBreath hey grace
01:43 AdamDragonBreath no problem.... I had to BEG Maddison for them
01:43 AdamDragonBreath and I mean BEG
01:44 AdamDragonBreath no problem
01:44 AdamDragonBreath Chat dead?
01:44 AdamDragonBreath wait til you see the security footage george gave us
01:44 AdamDragonBreath PJ!
01:45 AdamDragonBreath yeah... it's just been a lot... police, interviews, agents... I don't know what else to call them..
01:45 AdamDragonBreath and ya know.. life doesn't stop either
01:45 AdamDragonBreath school... work
01:45 AdamDragonBreath shitty boss
01:46 AdamDragonBreath he thinks I'm lying about the whole thing
01:47 AdamDragonBreath holy shit
01:47 AdamDragonBreath that' was awesome
01:48 AdamDragonBreath I guess
01:48 AdamDragonBreath I'm so not neo
01:48 AdamDragonBreath we went to the hospital
01:48 AdamDragonBreath not at all
01:49 AdamDragonBreath From the letter... it looks like she knew she was into something big...
01:50 AdamDragonBreath oh.. why didn't she run?
01:50 AdamDragonBreath Maddison and I were talking about that today....I think it was her only hope to see that thomas dude
01:51 AdamDragonBreath Mr. Badass did stay
01:51 AdamDragonBreath Maddison and I went to the hospital alone... police met us there
01:51 AdamDragonBreath yeah... I spoke to him the other day.
01:52 AdamDragonBreath He didn't really talk about it...
01:52 AdamDragonBreath I'm still confused if FBI/government agent shwoed up there.. or later
01:52 AdamDragonBreath but they came to get abby at some point
01:53 AdamDragonBreath yeah wwe is Texan, but we hate the reputation we have
01:53 AdamDragonBreath I don't know...
01:53 AdamDragonBreath I hope not
01:53 AdamDragonBreath we wouldn't have discovered this operation if it wasn't for them
01:54 AdamDragonBreath She seemed very alert to me. She knew exaclty what needed to happen next
01:54 AdamDragonBreath ordered me around a lot
01:55 AdamDragonBreath she seemed to be in a big rush.. like somebody bad could show up any minute
01:55 AdamDragonBreath she was younger than I thought she would be... or just looks it... maybe she drinks the blood of young girls and experiences the fountain of youth
01:56 AdamDragonBreath just kidding
01:56 AdamDragonBreath sorry - I'm punchy
01:56 AdamDragonBreath it really does
01:56 AdamDragonBreath I don't remember that
01:57 AdamDragonBreath a reset button would be cool though
01:57 AdamDragonBreath she hung with him a lot this week
01:57 AdamDragonBreath Not much
01:57 AdamDragonBreath just a bit surprised it was real
01:58 AdamDragonBreath I think he thought she was pulling some sort of stunt
01:58 AdamDragonBreath I thought that sometimes too...
01:59 AdamDragonBreath funny thing... she was feeding minimoon - her precious - and she flew off
01:59 AdamDragonBreath she's gone
01:59 AdamDragonBreath I laughed my ass off
01:59 AdamDragonBreath I think it was her first time to feed the pigeons herself.....
02:00 AdamDragonBreath serves her right
02:00 AdamDragonBreath when I'm around her, I do feel bad though
02:00 AdamDragonBreath yes I am
02:00 AdamDragonBreath I think I will... thanks acid
02:01 AdamDragonBreath I'll serve turtle soup
02:02 AdamDragonBreath I don't think I can keep my eyes open much longer
02:02 AdamDragonBreath I'll see you all tomorrow at 3 ... yeah?
02:03 AdamDragonBreath There's a chance our videos will be taken down by youtube...
02:03 AdamDragonBreath the police haven't found them yet.. but when they do.... I can't see how they will let us keep them up

02:04 AdamDragonBreath later on acid
02:04 AdamDragonBreath I'll tell her
02:04 AdamDragonBreath I don't know grace - we'll keep them up as long as we are able
02:04 AdamDragonBreath I don't think they put anyone in real danger
02:04 AdamDragonBreath And I don't think this evil dude Channing is a member here on Youtube
02:05 AdamDragonBreath you do what you do grace
02:05 AdamDragonBreath send me a dollar if you make some money off them ;)
02:06 AdamDragonBreath yeah... we both are!
02:06 AdamDragonBreath I'll twist Maddison's arm... see you all at three
02:06 AdamDragonBreath 2 videos tonight... probably our last BTW

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1 comment:

  1. Clearly they are using the serum to control the minds of a select group of Wikipedia editors.

    We all know who they are!


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