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Friday, August 14, 2009

Maddison Atkins: Maddison was in IRC chat

04:13 maddison I don't even know if Thomas escaped...
04:24 maddison I've never been to the police station in Nac, but George said that's where they were taken from
04:26 maddison I don't know... I think Abby is the only one who knows the answer to that question
04:28 maddison I think it's out of George's hands now.
04:28 maddison He said the FBI or something came in and took her out of town
04:33 maddison I dunno... I feel bad everybody... I don't have any answers...
04:33 maddison We did.... and apparently, he's making me dinner tonight
04:37 maddison I'm glad I didn't have to do all this alone
04:38 maddison I really feel that Abby and Thomas might have been killed.... maybe me even... I don't know though
04:53 maddison I've got to head to work
04:53 maddison Thanks for DJ-ing Maddy!!!!

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